5 Minute Picnic Basket for Two

Welcome friends to this month’s Pinterest Challenge hosted by my friend Cindy of County Road 407. This month we are putting together pretty baskets! If you are coming over from Laura from Everyday Edits, welcome!

Do you ever want to go on an impromptu picnic with your sweetheart but don’t want to drag out everything like we do for camping trips? Well, my picnic basket should give you a couple of new ideas to use for your next picnic. And they are things just laying around the kitchen and home…

Here is our inspiration piece from Anderson + Grant

Jamie of Anderson + Grant is new as a blogger online to me but actually I think I’ve met her at a Design Influencers Conference! We sat together and she was really nice. I don’t remember if it was in Beverly Hills or Atlanta as I went a couple of years in a row and I am soooo excited to write her and say hello!!

In this our inspirational post, Jamie made over a broken thrift shop basket she found with a nice grey wash. It’s always fun to see what you can find at local thrift shops to refresh. Thrifting is also one of my favorite things to do while out “on the road.”

If I can find a treasure to bring home, I am a happy girl! 🙂

Well, my Longaberger basket is still in good shape and even though you can’t go to the company’s basket parties any longer, you can still find lone baskets occasionally at flea markets, and of course, thrift stores.

I chose to leave my basket natural and put together a quick 5 minute basket that you can whip up with one of your own baskets, too!

What to fill it with

I found these adorable bicycle paper plates in January at our local Costco in Lewisville, Texas, and they were $9.95 for a stack of like 250 or more. Great deal and the package comes with bicycles on one plate and a spring wildflower bouquet on the other!

Two bicycle plates went in first, then the turquoise Tupperware cups we bought the year we moved into our trailer from a friend’s party.

Then I added plastic ware leftover from local takeout and a couple of lemon napkins from a summer Pinterest Challenge last year. They are perfect with the fun paper plates and add more color to the picnic basket!

Lastly, I added a small bouquet of dried lavender from my garden and a small candle to add a little romance when spreading out the throw blanket (around the basket) for a picnic for two…

Since this basket is for a snack picnic, I’ve popped in a box of crackers and some chocolate toffee. When getting ready to leave, it’s simple to add in a small soft-sided cooler with cut up slices of Cheddar cheese, maybe some shredded chicken or turkey to top the crackers, and some red or green grapes, plus a couple of sodas and bottles of water to round out the menu…

Well thank you so much for stopping by today! Please leave me a comment and let me know what you’d put in your picnic basket… 😉

Next up we swing back up to the top to visit Cindy at County Road 407 and I know you’ll love what she has done with her basket!


Barb 🙂

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14 thoughts on “5 Minute Picnic Basket for Two”

  1. I have the same Longaberger basket! I keep mine on the kitchen counter at the lake filled with paper plates. I hope that you and your hubby enjoyed your snack picnic.

  2. Such a beautiful basket Barbara. And yes, I was just telling Carol Lander that I want to make a picnic basket for the Mister and I. He’d go just for the chocolate toffee! 😉 Thank you for joining in. Hope you have a wonderful summer.

    1. Thank you, Julie! I went to a bunch of parties when we lived on base and hosted a few, so that’s how I got mine. Now I just look for other baskets at thrift stores. 😉 It’s really a cake/pie taker basket with a wooden tray insert so you can have one on the bottom and another above. It has been used for many, many things over the years. 😉

      Happy almost summer to you,
      Barb 🙂

  3. This inspires me to put together a picnic for hubs and I, Barbara! We’re just starting the beautiful weather here, and it would be a great way to spend some time together and get out of the house. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Barb, what a great idea to have a snack picnic basket ready to go for a last minute trip to the park or lake. You styled it with a great combination of fin foods. Happy snacking.

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