Places to Stay ~ The Beverly Hilton

Beverly Hills a land of enchanted
movies, movie stars and more
and a 
most luxurious hotel…

I loved that Esteem Media 
chose the 
Beverly Hilton 
as their venue to hold the 
Design Bloggers Conference.

Every morning we were treated to 

gleaming silver urns filled with 
coffee and hot water for our
morning cuppa.

Below each urn, sweet square silver catchers 

collected drips and solid hotel silverware and 
cream colored china
were provided for an elegant breakfast
reminiscent of a time gone by.

The conference finished late Tuesday afternoon
and last year I had hurriedly 
flown out as the conference finished.
This year I decided to 
stay one more day…

early shots before dawn

Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny.
 In just a few hours it would be
time to check out so
thoughts of capping off this
hotel adventure by having a little 
breakfast in bed
swirled through my head!

A young woman brought my bagel and hot tea
from the hotel’s kitchen and she giggled at 
my delight in “ordering in.”
Of course I had to take some photographs
to remember the day!
Just a few quick pics then
hopping up in bed
breakfast was enjoyed.

More lustrous silverware was placed
“just so” on a large tray
alongside a
chocolate orchid set inside a 
grooved cylindrical vase
and tiny 
salt and pepper shakers ~
a bit of 
royal treatment 
from a romantic hotel 
where hallways are hung with portraits of
Cary Grant, Judy Garland and
Katharine Hepburn.

A lovely way to cap off a
working holiday in the land of
magic and movie stars!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day, btw…
xoxo Barb

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