Places to Visit ~ Lavender Ridge Farms

Gorgeous pink roses mixed in with tall lavender perennials.
Over the Memorial Day
My hubby and I took a drive out to 
to visit a lovely little farm ~
Lavender Ridge Farms…

A newly planted upper field on the farm.
Lavender Ridge Farms
2391 County Road 178
Gainesville, TX 76240
(940) 665-6938

I love the little tagline Lavender Ridge Farms
has on its flyers:
“An herb’n experience you can’t get in the city!”
And they would be right!

Memorial Day weekend was warm up in Gainesville
but not blistering and our 20 minute drive 
up the freeway then another 10 miles
with some rights and lefts and some bumpy roads
brought us to the farm.

Plenty of parking and much of it shaded
was spread out over the farm.
Lots of folks were walking around
although it was the last day
of the annual three day lavender festival.
Some people were having lunch under
the shaded table area.
Others were picnicking out on the lawns.

Part of the lavender festival included
 crafters and vendors selling:
*lavender jams and jellies mixed with 
lime and other flavors
*handmade purses and bags
*handmade clothing
*repurposed vintage glassware made into
the cutest garden flowers and
melted into three dimensional
window frames
{I’m sorry I didn’t get any picture but I was afraid the owners
would think I was trying to steal their ideas!  If anything, I would be
promoting them.  So, no photos from the vendor area.}
*wood crafts
*recycled and upcycled lamps made into
solar yard lamps {very clever!}

And, of course, there were lavender items
for sale, though all of the lavender plants
and most of the lavender products
had sold out during the festivals
previous two days.

These echinacea and plumeria were available and
I was tempted by both but decided to
pass until I see how my current plants
survive this summer’s coming heat.
{maybe next year!}

We had parked up above the lavender field at the top 
of the farm then worked our way down 
through the vendors tucked under the trees
arriving in a shaded area where some ducks and chickens
and four soft and cuddly looking lemurs were!
Isn’t he cute?
{How they got four lemurs to live at their farm I don’t know, but they looked
like they enjoyed being around all the people.  I kept thinking that I had a
cantaloupe in the car I could have cut up and fed them…}
Love this armillary!
Just beyond the animal area still heading left towards 
the farm’s giftshop and restaurant we found 
this armillary amongst some greenhouses.

We made our way down to the rose and flower garden 
next where Hubby decided to take a seat in an 
obliging wooden chair underneath a shady tree.

This incredible lavender tree was situated up towards 
the main house and giftshop.  I don’t know if it is a type
of lavender but it sure was pretty and blooming like

The lower fields are set up with a large
arbor entrance flanked by two potted junipers
where visitors pass into the garden over
a planked footbridge.
This steps right down onto the garden’s
pathways with these gorgeous pink roses
Since I haven’t seen many pink roses growing here 
in this part of North Texas
I looked to see if any of them had name tags
but alas I didn’t find any.

I did find lots of blue salvia, many perennials and
a host of annuals planted among the Spanish
and English lavender plants.

Next time my friend Julie from the park
wants to come up and have lunch as 
they serve lavender tea sandwiches
lavender scones
and other lavender treats
like lavender sorbet.

In the fall the lavender farm has several 
events going on so do make plans to 
come on out for a visit.

Really a lovely lavender
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Places to visit ~ The Chocolate Angel Tearoom

Last week I stumbled across the 
Chocolate Angel Tearoom
which made my day!

Love the light grey walls with the overall Shabby Chic/French theme of this small tea room.  The sideboard buffet has country scenes painted on each of its door panels.

Campbell Road Village

635 W Campbell Rd, Suite 314

Richardson, Texas 75080



Mon – Sat:  10:30am-5:30pm

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Last week  I accidentally got turned around on the roads in Richardson and heading towards the Univ. of Texas {again… Lol!} after I picked up our mail.
As I was driving down this road, I suddenly 
remembered that some new friends had mentioned that there were some tearooms right around this area.

Pulling into a parking lot, I quickly googled 
“tearooms in Richardson” then finding that the 
Chocolate Angel popped up right away ~ 
it was literally a half-mile away
on the same road.

Having not visited a tearoom in ages nor having given a
tea in a while I jumped at the chance to “take tea.”
{yesterday’s quick post w/ pics}

Sorry this is so dark! Because it was shot “live” on my iPhone… my computer wouldn’t let
me correct the lighting. 
The doorway I entered took me into the bakery portion
and a smaller tearoom set off to the side
{this is where I had tea}.
A larger main tearoom has its entry further to
the left in the little strip mall
taking reservations and seatings
at particular times.
One of the staff members said that 
afternoon tea had a seating 
that day at 3:30pm.
More of an actual high tea,
the afternoon seating is by reservations
and costs $22.00.
I decided to just have an early dinner
in the smaller bakery tearoom instead.

The main tea room ~ decorated in soft neutrals of grey, white, brown with a hint of black.  The style is Victorian with a  Nordic French feel.  Just lovely!

Sitting down, I perused the menu and decided on 
the Chocolate Angel Tea Sampler (around $10)
which included 
a cup of soup, three tea sandwiches
quiche, fruit and a small scone.
The waitress brought out a pot of hot water and 
a sample of Tazo teas in a tea box 
from which I chose my favorite:
English Breakfast.

While sipping my cup of tea,
I played with the vintage wedding photographs
under the table’s protective glass cover
moving them just so then snapping a few photos.
Soft music played in the background
creating a delightful atmosphere.

At my table, four chairs were covered
in a lovely French toile de Jouy
and I just had to take a couple of photos!

All in all, a lovely afternoon!
I would definitely recommend the
Chocolate Angel
for tea when you come to 
the Dallas-Ft. Worth
area for a visit.

Happy tea and blessings
to you!

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Happy tea and blessings
to you!

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Taking Tea ~ Chocolate Angel Tea Room

Sorry so dark! My iPhone has a “Live” setting on it and the computer won’t let me
edit to lighten… ugh! :/

Just a super quick post today
to say tomorrow and Friday
I’ll have two wonderful tea stories
for you!

One more photo for today ~
sorry I’m running around like a
chicken with my head cut off…
A friend who is really a pretty new friend
just left Wagon Master a few minutes ago
heading back to Oregon… lots going on and
I realize I’m missing
old friends.

Happy to be hosting a tea today
for two more friends who will be moving on
to Florida next week.

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See you tomorrow, then,
and thanks for listening,

Places to Stay ~ The Beverly Hilton

Beverly Hills a land of enchanted
movies, movie stars and more
and a 
most luxurious hotel…

I loved that Esteem Media 
chose the 
Beverly Hilton 
as their venue to hold the 
Design Bloggers Conference.

Every morning we were treated to 

gleaming silver urns filled with 
coffee and hot water for our
morning cuppa.

Below each urn, sweet square silver catchers 

collected drips and solid hotel silverware and 
cream colored china
were provided for an elegant breakfast
reminiscent of a time gone by.

The conference finished late Tuesday afternoon
and last year I had hurriedly 
flown out as the conference finished.
This year I decided to 
stay one more day…

early shots before dawn

Wednesday morning dawned bright and sunny.
 In just a few hours it would be
time to check out so
thoughts of capping off this
hotel adventure by having a little 
breakfast in bed
swirled through my head!

A young woman brought my bagel and hot tea
from the hotel’s kitchen and she giggled at 
my delight in “ordering in.”
Of course I had to take some photographs
to remember the day!
Just a few quick pics then
hopping up in bed
breakfast was enjoyed.

More lustrous silverware was placed
“just so” on a large tray
alongside a
chocolate orchid set inside a 
grooved cylindrical vase
and tiny 
salt and pepper shakers ~
a bit of 
royal treatment 
from a romantic hotel 
where hallways are hung with portraits of
Cary Grant, Judy Garland and
Katharine Hepburn.

A lovely way to cap off a
working holiday in the land of
magic and movie stars!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day, btw…
xoxo Barb

Thank you for liking and sharing ~ merci!

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Playing with Black and White ~ My New Canon Zoom Lens

This week has been all about something
I can’t share yet… until it happens
you’ll be sure to hear if it does!

Until then, I’m all over the place making ready
so no real posts this week yet
since Sunday until now…

Today I thought I’d share some 
black and white 
and sepia
photos with you that I’ve taken recently 
with my new
Canon Zoom Lens
EF 24-105mm IS USM
{hopefully I’ve got all that right! I put the whole thing in the title
up top, just in case! 😉 }

taken with the new lens
Today it’s really about letting the camera 
do the talking…
I just worked on focusing the lens
on different spots and seeing what came of it.
Taken with the standard lens which came with the camera

Taken with the new lens?  No, I think this is with the old. Love it, though!

new! focused on the front board ~ love the bokeh effect
or the blurring of everything else
The Canon zoom lens is able to hyper focus
to a specific point/plane
which is exactly what I was looking for
for photographing 

Love the caning on this settee!
Don’t you?

It mirrors this: the chair back seen
earlier in a Valentine’s Day post.
Changing gears ~ the house across the main road.
Up, up and away…
{I hope this comes out so it looks cool putting it in this post
with nothing but white around it!}

Finally a photo from last summer’s visit
to Magnolia Market.

I don’t usually shoot black and white
pictures, or edit them to remove color
but it’s fun when they come out that way.
I do like playing with high contrast.
It’s kinda fun! 

Thanks for stopping by and I hope
you have enjoyed these little ole photos!
Let me know how you liked them and 
post up some of yours on FB
and tag me on French Ethereal.
It’d be fun to see yours and I know
other readers would 
love to see them, too!
Please share, pin, comment as you feel
with these. 
Thank you.
Blessings to you,
Barb 🙂

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The Texas Pie Company

I am sooo happy to finally get to share 
this sweet bake shop and restaurant 
with you ~ and it’s perfect as who doesn’t like pie
for a great idea to serve on Valentine’s Day??!
It’s the 
Texas Pie Company!

The Texas Pie Company
202 West Center Street
Kyle, Texas 78640
(512) 268-5885
With some of the cutest decor
{think Hard Rock Café meets quaint pie shop!}
and the 
Hays County area’s best pies
I can now tell you from first~hand experience
that the Texas Pie Company’s
mouth~watering pies are awesomely good!

I was salivating over the heavenly scents
wafting from this bakery even before 
I entered the front door…

I visited the shop during the afternoon on 
Wednesday just before heading back home
from visiting with my daughter.
Originally, I wrote about wanting to
visit the shop last summer
when we first brought Amy and all
belongings here to Kyle, Texas. 
However, we didn’t have time then due to 
needing to get ourselves up to South Dakota 
for our
son and daughter~in~love’s wedding.
{a good reason to miss having pie!}

The Texas Pie Company makes all its many 
types of fruit pies as well as quiches right there
in its back room bakery.  There must have been 
50 pies on hand that I saw and while I was 
shooting a few photos several families came in 
to purchase a few to take home for dessert 
that evening.

I ended up buying two small hand-
held pies ($4.75 each) ~ a bright cheery 
red cherry one and a really delectable
chocolate pecan pie.
Perfect for just unwrapping and eating
right there on the spot
taking home and savoring it slowly by
eating some of it that day and more tomorrow.
Or, sharing it with your hubby
which is what I did!

Large pies are $15.00 each and comparable
to what we were paying for premium pies in 
California from the local orchards each fall.
Well worth it for a wonderful slice of goodness
wrapped up in quiche or fruit form!

sorry about the bright lights on the photo ~ couldn’t work around them… 🙁

Anyway, I hope if you make a trip down
to the Austin, Texas area, I hope you’ll take
a few moments and stop on by
The Texas Pie Company
pick up a pie or two for yourself!
{p.s. ~ They also ship!!!}

Happy Sunday!
Barb 🙂

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5 Favorite Past Valentine’s Day Posts

Our little “everything dish” ~ often used as a bird bath and sometimes for seeds.
Some of my favorite Valentine’s Day posts
include many of my favorite photographs…
Today I thought I’d share my
top favorite 
Valentine’s Day posts
with you!

Let’s begin with a little fun
craft to make!

1. Hanging Lock Heart

This was a fun craft project!
I just used our scroll saw to cut out a heart
from leftover wood
added a cute lock piece I found while
antique browsing one day
and a little leftover key.
I’m thinking I might make another one
for our Tiny House
but since the scroll saw is not here
I’ll have to regular
“saw it…”
If I do make a new one
I’ll be sure to share it with you.

2. Happy Valentine’s Day!
A bunch of fun random thoughts
and photos
all happily related to our 
Valentine’s Day theme.

{I joked about those little letters ~ only two.
Yeah, that’s all that I found
in a small basket that worked 
knowing I’d be making some
Valentine’s Day posts!}

3. A Valentine’s Cake Recipe

I did bring this old Hershey’s cookbook
with us!
{Bought on our second honeymoon ~ the one I call our Real Honeymoon as our
honeymoon in October was really wet and a hurricane adventure ~ 
during the summer of 1988 after my hubby had graduated from 
OCS in Virginia ~ we drove up to see 
his aunt in West Virginia and 
stopped at the Hershey plant
in nearby Pennsylvania.  It was awesome!}

There might be an upcoming recipe
appearing here soon…
Yes, yes there will be!!!
4. Places to Shop ~ Vignettes

This is when I got to meet writer/editor
Fifi O’Neill
who is just as nice in person
as she appears in all the magazines
we’ve all read over the years!

She had just come out with her then new book
Prairie Style Weddings

… and it was totally fun to meet her!

I also met the lovely
Lidy Baars
from her super popular all~things~French 
but didn’t know it!
If you click on her name above
that will take you to her blog.
Do visit her shop through the link above!
She carries fabulous, fabulous
French goodies to purchase
for your home.
I just asked this woman {Lidy} who
arrived at Vignettes at the same time as I did
if she’d take a photograph
of Fifi O’Neill and me.
She graciously did.
Thank~you, Lidy!!!
{I put her photo from her blog out on my Women to Admire folder
on my French Ethereal Pinterest Page ~ come check it out!}

And, of course, the post’s title
wouldn’t be complete without sharing…
in Ocean Beach, San Diego
is a gorgeous, gorgeous place
to visit!

You won’t be disappointed when you visit!
soooo gorgeous there!
{had to just say that again}
One of my favorite photos from Vignette’s… sigh!…
You can also check out Vignette’s
blogposts here for upcoming
events ~ like this year’s
Valentine’s Day Soiree
set for Saturday, February 11th, 2017.
{okay, this is when I wish I was still near San Diego!}

another favorite photo… dreamy!
5. A Fair Valentine’s Table Styling
The first of my Valentine’s Day 
posts for 2017…
I’ve got my groove back after our big move
and after some inspiration while visiting my daughter
and a friend down in Kyle, Texas
then seeing
{and maybe eating}
really cute Valentine’s goodies
The Texas Pie Company.
I’ll be sharing about the pie company
in my weekend post
probably tomorrow.
Here’s a quick photo to keep you
hungry for more.

Whew! This has been a fun trip down
memory lane!
Leave me any comment if you’d like 
and as always
I’d love it if you’d sign up to receive
more of my scribblings.
Let me know what you’d like to hear about
here on my blog.
I’d be happy to feature you and your ideas
here, too!

Bisous and Blessings,
Barb 🙂

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Everything is Bigger in Texas!

The Texas Pie Company ~ Kyle, Texas
Now here’s a Piece of Pie!
You know how sometimes you’ve just
gotta see something to know
that it’s REALLY BIG?

Everything IS bigger in Texas!!!

Like this great sign for the 
Texas Pie Company.
Next time I get out to Kyle to see our daughter
I hope to go there for lunch!
And every time we drove by
I wanted a piece of pie…

Okay, except for this little rabbit…
An employee of the hotel we stayed at near Kyle, Texas had found this rabbit in distress during the intense heat wave and had saved him.  I am happy to report this little rabbit was doing well and had been with this young man for two weeks at this point ~ living comfortably on vegetables, water, kitten formula and grass.
Then there were the silos…

Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market at the Silos
were definitely huge!  A fun place to visit with swings out in the “backyard” for young and old alike to swing on and featuring a wonderful gift shop inside the main building.  You can’t beat the place for atmosphere!

At Buc-ees an enormous gas station like I’ve never seen
before… I found these darling wooden crosses and painted birdhouses!

These houses for feathered friends aren’t small either as you can tell from the birdhouses atop the green painted table.  I really liked the weathered paint look and the pressed~tin roofs and metal decorations!

Of course coming to Texas I wanted to capture a photo or two of this great state’s iconic flag!  We kept seeing Big Texas Flags but somehow just missed being able to snap a photo. {Probably because we were whizzing by at 70mph… hmmm?}  I had set the shutter speed set to 4000 for this shot.   My daughter shot this one following the flags backwards behind her (to miss getting the window frame in the photo) as I was driving.  Here is Amy’s photograph!  So glad to share this with you!

This beautiful American flag I also wanted to share…
In honor of the fallen in Dallas.

Big magnolias ~ had to share this one as I love magnolias having had a magnolia tree at our first house…
These faux blooms are also available at Magnolia Market.

And finally Big Smiles!
Our Yoda was happy to be with his mom and dad traveling everywhere we went.
Hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of
Big Things from the
Great State of Texas!

Happy Sunday to you and I hope 
you have a great rest of 
your weekend,
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Places to Visit ~ Fredericksburg, Texas

Vereins Kirche ~ originally built in 1847 but torn down after the 50th anniversary of Fredericksburg’s
 founding, was rebuilt in 1934 to honor the first German settlers of Fredericksburg, Texas.
Continuing in our travel series
Places to Visit
I thought we’d go and explore the
 Texas Hill Country town
Fredericksburg, Texas

Love the old “false~fronts” on these 1870’s brick
buildings here!
Fredericksburg is a lovely restored town with 
many places to shop including antique shops, restaurants, and 
old five~and~dimes like the one shown above.
Per Wikipedia, Fredericksburg “was founded in 1846 and 
Old-time German residents often referred to 
Fredericksburg as Fritztown
a nickname that is still used in some businesses.[5] 
The town is also notable as the home of Texas German, a dialect 
spoken by the first generations of German settlers who 
initially refused to learn English.”
On the Saturday afternoon we were there
hundreds of people wandered their way from shop to shop.
Finding a parking spot was NOT an option as every stall along 
the main street was full so we drove down a side street to park
over a few streets.
I had {quite literally} an hour to run around
and photograph as much as I could
{never mind even window shopping…}.
We’d been up since 5:00am and had driven 400~plus miles 
already that day as we were really on our way 
through the state to bring our daughter and all her things
to her new home
another couple of hours away.
This post is just a quick overview.
Next time I hope to share some of the wonderful
shops with you!
This lovely park was not far from where we parked
and may be an old Victorian park where then and possibly now
Fourth of July band concerts and other events
would happen under the shade of this large gazebo with its 
fashionable painted red tin roof.  One can just imagine the first
immigrants who settled the area coming and picnicking 
underneath these large leafy trees 
all the while tapping their toes as 
the day’s entertainers played many a
rousing song…
This is Fredericksburg’s jail built in 1885 ~ it served as the 
fourth jail in Gillespie county where Fredericksburg is situated.
Fredericksburg is in the heart of the Texas Hill Country at
an elevation of 1693′ above sea level.
Snowfall is pretty non~existent here with less than an inch
and only in 1941 having had a record of 8 inches!
Fredericksburg receives around 28″ of rain during the year
making for some of the most beautiful wildflower shows
you will find anywhere!

Limestone buildings are common in this area
as well as throughout Texas, I’ve noticed.
Fort Martin Scott 
was built and used by the US Army for a short time in the 1850’s
and is just to the southwest of Fredericksburg.
Below is a photograph of a painting
of the fort shown on a larger information billboard
near the limestone two~story building,
above left.
Pioneer Memorial Library
is the building in the upper lefthand photograph.
Freidhelm’s Bavarian Inn and Restaurant
is the quaint German~style building
in the photograph on the right.

Fort Martin Scott as it was in the early 1850’s.
My husband wandered on foot to a different area
than where I was and found this park with statues depicting
the smoking of a peace pipe and the signing of the peace treaty
John O. Meusebach and Commanche chief Santanna, 1847.

This treaty was between the people of Fredericksburg, Texas and
the people of the Commanche Nation.
To this day, this treaty is thought to be the only one known to 
not have been broken
between any Native American tribal nation and
any white settlers within the United States.

My brother Gene was stationed nearby in the
Dallas~Fort Worth area, about four hours away, when 
I drove out with my two kids to spend Easter with his family
over spring break in 1998.
It seemed then that everywhere we drove in the 
Texas Hill Country
there were masses of 
bluebonnets and wildflowers!

Driving around the Hill Country this summer was 
really a treat bringing back 
fond memories
of our kids’ early years and the special time
we had back then visiting with family.

The Saturday we visited 
I had {quite literally} 
an hour to run around and photograph 
as much as I could
{never mind even window shopping…}.
We’d been up since 5:00am and had driven 400~plus miles 
already that day as we were really on our way 
through the state to bring our daughter and all her things
to her new home another couple of hours away.
This post is just a quick overview.
Next time I will share some of Fredericksburg’s wonderful
shops with you!
For more information on
please click on the name above.
 Let me know how you liked this
little tour of Fredericksburg, Texas!
I look forward to hearing
from you!

Blessings to you,
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Inside Magnolia Farms ~ The Silos

Two weeks ago or so
We visited 
Magnolia Market ~ The Silos
over in Waco, Texas
I didn’t get to show you the inside scoop…

My daughter shot this as we were driving by and Mom is calling out, “Amy, get that!”  She was shooting a bunch of photos for Mom that day… Happily, she captured the Gaines’ cool sign!!!  🙂
Today I thought I should get around to sharing inside
Magnolia Market ~ The Silos
owned by
Chip and Joanna Gaines
of HGTV fame.
If you remember, I first shared a hint about going to 
The Silos 
when I shared this gorgeous restroom
Joanna and her team created
which is just inside the bakery 
which is to the right and front of The Silos themselves.
That post was called:
Shopping at… HGTV’s Magnolia Farms!
You can find that post

Love this sweet saying up on the wall!
Here’s The Silos “backyard” with little resting chairs and lost of
swings for keeping young and old happy and entertained!

Lots of people were shopping that day…

Apparently, The Silos had just opened
It was really a blessing at all and probably a
God thing
{Thank you, Lord! :)}that we just happened to be there when they 
were only
opened for just a few weeks.

I had received an email from
Magnolia Farms
but hadn’t thought a thing about it or going
since I had no idea where we would be in Texas
or when, for that matter.
The checkout counter
Love all the industrial lighting, the cement counters on the fixtures…

Okay, I have to admit  I went crazy taking photos
but I wasn’t the only crazy person there shooting photos
of this and that, so I feel okay about that!
I left one of my 
French Ethereal
cards so they could see how their store turned out from this end.
Hope they like it!
Call me Chip or Joanna if you’d like me to share some photos! ~ 
Wouldn’t THAT be a hoot!?
I featured this wonderful cotton~on~the~vine wreath on my FB page…

I could have taken home one of everything
but of course
we live in our Tiny Home now
and not all that would fit.
I bought a couple of Magnolia Farms tea towels, 
three kitchen timers that are
the cutest!!!
That’s for another post…

Ooooh! Loved this creamware… sigh!

The staff had all these little rosemary and lavender soaps put out.  
Prices were good and Joanna has created a candle that was moderately priced and the scent was heavenly!
Alas, burning candles in our Tiny House 
is a No No…

I ended up buying two of the Magnolia Farms hats ~ 
one for Hubby and one for my father~in~law
as they both have enough t-shirts.
I know this is hard to see but these carved wooden
blocks are pedestals…

Couldn’t you just see this on your table
with books, a candle
and perhaps some flowers
on top??

And, of course the trademark 
magnolias! There’s more to share but that’ll have to be
for another day.  This post has been pretty long already.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour
Magnolia Market ~ The Silos!
I do hope you get to go sometime or at the very least
visit their shop online.
I’ll be sharing soon about the other things I found
and those cute kitchen timers three!!!

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