A Victoria-Worthy Tea in the Library

Evening light is beautiful in “The Library” as the living room is now affectionately called. The bookcases are coming along, the corner hutch is filled, and the mantel is decorated for summer.

But today is all about reading, ethereal light and tea…

Victoria is  my favorite magazine of all times ever since my sister-in-law Linnea left a few issues at my mother and father’s new home then in the early 1990’s. I came to visit and found something I didn’t even know I was looking for ~ ethereal photography in a magazine fresh and light and utterly beautiful.

The Library bathed in sunlight is the best place for reading in the late afternoon with its ethereal lighting. Beautiful light ~ a bit overblown but the light changes rapidly as the sun continues its descent beyond the oaks and fence and neighboring home outside.

Capturing a bit of the essence of Victoria’s now retired photographer Toshi Otsuki was the ideal for me…

Just beyond crickets are beginning their evening song. The robins snack at the birdfeeder just hung beyond the windows and Mr. Squirrel scoots around picking up fallen treats along the ground.

Peaceful and airy and dressed in white ~ the Golden Hour has come and one must capture it as best one can…

“Take a break,” the tea table calls to me. 

“Come read a bit and let your heart be free!”

Pulling up a chair I do sit for a bit thumbing and revisiting 
Old Friends…

Sip by sip the tiredness washes away on the dust particles floating by in the waning light.

To be lost and forgotten in a world of one’s imagination…

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27 thoughts on “A Victoria-Worthy Tea in the Library”

  1. It's just beautiful, Barb! And I see lovely things I think I might remember from your other posts. Welcome \”home\” to your new home. It looks like you are settling quite well indeed!

  2. Victoria is my favourite magazine. I have a lot of older copies and I try to buy the latest issued. The photos are lovely. Thelma

  3. Hi KariAnne! I have to admit… I REALLY lightened these last photographs up since the sun was going down. An hour earlier, the sun looked more like it shows here. So glad you stopped over,Hugs,Barb 🙂

  4. Getting there, Jeanie, a little each day… I love that, thank you! \” 'Welcome \”home\” to your new home.' \” It truly is becoming home,Happy Mother's Day,Barb 🙂

  5. Such a lovely room for reading and dreaming. I agree, Victoria is such a lovely magazine. You have lovely taste, Barb. Wishing you a happy day.

  6. Thelma, I am really glad that Phyllis DiPiano and the group at Southern Living, I think it was, brought Victoria magazine back… I still remember when it was edited by someone who worked for Traditional Home and it wasn't good ~ for that short time before completely folding. It was a black day for everyone who loved Victoria for its ethereal style.Glad it is your favourite magazine, too,Happy Mother's Day, belatedly,Barb 🙂

  7. Barb,Thank you so much for featuring my French market basket with French lavender! Those thunderstorms were ferocious, weren't they? I believe you saw the worst part of them at your house according to my news channel. Your photos are great! The lighting, styling, and contents all make them beautiful. I have every issue of the original Victoria magazine publication from the very first issue. I still re-read them periodically, no pun intended. 🙂 Judith

  8. Thank you, Bonnie! We are having fun putting this room and the others together ~ working in the Craft room now. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!Hugs,Barb 🙂

  9. Hi Judith! I DID have every issue from the beginning (collected from antique shops/internet as well as subscription) but when we made the last move, Hubby convinced me to unload a bunch. Got rid of some of the middle. Revisiting others to send on now… Keeping the early years, though! 🙂 Thank you. I am enjoying decorating this house as we go but the living room/library will always be my favorite place… Funny about the pun! You're most welcome about the French market basket feature! <3 We had a lot of wind and rain but thankfully the tornado fizzled out, thank the Lord!Happy belated Mother's Day to you,Barb 🙂

  10. Hi Julie, thank you! I had to really lighten up some of these photos since the sun was dropping fast, but I am really happy with the results. Finally figured out that readers like slightly blown out photos (the whites), so that's where I went with these. ;)Happy Wednesday,Barb 🙂

  11. Hi Barb! I'm catching up on posts due to internet issues! What a beautiful spot for tea during that golden hour! I love the soft light filtering through the window. I hope you'll continue to link up at Homestyle Gathering!>>> Kim

  12. Hi Barb! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Turn About! Your photos are really, really lovely! I especially love that table with the books and floral arrangement. Ah, I can only imagine how relaxing it must be to have tea in the library with you. Have a blessed week!

  13. Hi Kim, yes, I need to get back over for Homestyle Gathering… I had lost a sheet I created in Microsoft which lists all the link parties I've seen but Mr. Ethereal was able to fix the links, yeah! I need to add Homestyle Gathering and your time. :)Happy to have linked up with you,Barb 🙂

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