Beauty and the Beast ~ A Fairy Ta{b}le

Beauty and the Beast
And a table setting inspired by
a potential prince and his beautiful 
and smart princess-to-be…

Belle was just a girl dreaming
of something more.
The Beast?
Well, he needed to learn
a few life lessons…

Today’s storybook tableau tale features 
indigo ‘Liberty Blue’ plates 
found while thrift-shopping.
With swirls of flowers
as lovely as 
those encircling
18th century French castles,
this table setting
is worthy of bringing
two people together.

a delicate bouquet
or two,
glasses for toasting,
and the delicate 
clinking of silver…

{Could that be Lumiére?}

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Flash forward… Furniture comes to life and 
Mrs. Potts and her son Chip
the teacup
along with a 
host of other fun characters
the Beast and Belle
find true love.

Chip: Mama, there’s a girl in the castle!

Mrs. Potts: Now, Chip, I won’t have you making up such stories. Now into the tub.

Chip: But mama!

Featherduster: Madame! There is a girl in the castle!

Chip: See! I told you.

  — Beauty and the Beast, 1991 animated movie*

Tow little fairies visited our tableau offering good wishes and prayers.
 Did the Beast learn the lessons he
needed to know?
Compassion and selfless love ~ made a beast
into a man.
Did Belle get something more
out of life?
The chance of happiness in love and 
life’s shared adventures 
sometimes is 
just around the corner.

And where would this be if
all good fairy tales didn’t have 
happy endings?…

As the music drifts in:
A tale as old as time, a table as strong
as thine… {apologies to Madame Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve}
Beauty and the Beast…

Later this week:
this “little beast” will be making his
premiere performance
in an upcoming article about alpacas.
{Isn’t he a cutie??!}

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