Inspirational Designers ~ Styling Your Photoshoots Like a Pro

Jickie Torres ~ editor of Country Cottages and Bungalows
Hello from Beverly Hills and the
Design Bloggers Conference!

Today I thought I’d share a little about styling your own
photoshoots like a professional.
This was the talk Jickie Torres and Courtney Allison
two of my favorite photo stylists and designers
gave on Sunday afternoon.

Jickie is the editor of Cottages and Bungalows magazine 
Courtney is the photographer and blog-author of
French Country Cottage
one of my favorite blogs out there
in Blog Land.

Together they spoke about creating 
good quality photos and the differences between 
creating photos for your blog -vs-
creating photos aimed towards 
magazine publication.
Two slightly different ways of photo shooting
that I think most bloggers wouldn’t just
intuitively realize.

Courtney of French Country Cottage
In this slide, Courtney compared two
of her photographs and talked about how
the one on the left is more of what the industry
calls “a vignette scene.”
See how it’s more of a “close-up?”
It shares more details like the pompom ruffle
around the chair pillow,
the thick plush down seat cushion
and of course
the ever sweet doggie!

These kinds of photographs work great
on your blog, but for editorial print work
there needs to be more of a “room shot.”
Editors also need your photos to
“tell a story.”
Jickie mentioned to make your photos
realistic ~ have a cup on the table,
drape a blanket over the chair’s arm.
You want those things in your scenes to draw a 
reader in and make him or her
want to jump right into the picture and just
plop right down making oneself 
right at home.
Well, those are just two of the big takeaways
from Jickie and Courtney’s talk late
Sunday afternoon!
There’s sooo much more to share from conference and I’ll be sharing more in tomorrow’s post.
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Thank you!
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am able.
Have a lovely Tuesday!
Barb 🙂

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