3 New Products and Lines for Your Home

Today I want to share some of the 
gorgeous products 
coming to market seen at the
Design Bloggers Conference
which caught my eye…

Crystal embedded faucet handles, or taps, for your bath and kitchen.  The lovely ladies
who work for THG ~ sorry, bad iPhone photo shots!
Kitchen and Bath
1. THG  a French company which I am just learning about, has some really exciting bath products for the lavatory.  Their lead designer has used tiny Swarovski crystals in several of their taps {aka “handles”} giving those pieces such a textural and tactile experience!  For this girl who just came out of 14 years working with autistic children, you’ve got to get these for your kids!  
They will LOVE the feel of these!

THG also asked Lalique, the company famous for their incredible crystal vases and perfume bottles, to fashion their crystal into the prettiest rose and apple taps and fixtures you’ve ever seen {the pomme collection}.  I’m sorry I didn’t take a closer picture for you, but please check out their company website online HERE. Seriously in love with all of their line!  Their idea is that these pieces should be “jewelry for your home.”  

2. Miele {pronounced Mee-Lay} is a German company which makes a full range of kitchen and bathroom appliances, vacuum cleaners and hardware for the kitchen and bath.   These aren’t technically an individual “new product” per se; however, they are new products in an established line and they are new to me so I’m sharing them here with you.  😉  

These ranges have closed burners which are particularly nice to keep food from falling down below the cooktop, and I also really like the burners as they are large enough but move easily, good for people with grip issues.

Love these double ovens!  Couldn’t you see yourself cooking a Thanksgiving turkey in one and your pie and other goodies in the other all at the same time??! 
I’m hungry already!
Miele’s hardware comes in a wide range of colors 
{some shown on this display board} and styles to fit yours or your client’s home and aesthetics.  Please hop on over to Miele to see their full product line.

Home Decor

3. Universal came out with these really cute chrome and cararra marble hexagonal-shaped tables.  I was in love the minute I saw them since I live in my “Small Cottage” and we need our tables to be small.  These cuties can be grouped and moved around super easily as each only weighs about 10 lbs. or so.  Universal had a contest to see who could style their tables the best and the winner would win a table.  Obviously, I didn’t win one.  Sad face…. 🙁   I’m still thinking I might call them up and see about buying one {or two or three} as they are super cute and portable!  Universal is only available to the trades; however, you can look them up online at:  www.universaltothetrade.com.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick
tour of some of the newest home appliances, 
fixtures and housewares for you home!
I’ve enjoyed 
bringing them to you. 

Check back later this week as I’ll be sharing
more from L.A., Beverly Hills, and
this quick working vacay and the
Design Bloggers Conference.
We got to hear from some other really
talented and royally famous people
{that might give you a clue}
I have some more design tips
and blogging ideas that each shared
that I’d like to share with you.

Blessings to you and until then,
xoxo Barb 🙂

Will be sharing with
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