Burning through Atlanta ~ 2016

The Grand Hyatt
3300 Peachtree Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30305
Today’s post is all about the beautiful city of 
 Atlanta, GA…

When flying into Atlanta, you’ll notice three city-heads from the air: downtown, midtown, and affluent uptown

The Design Bloggers Conference was held at The Grand Hyatt,
seen in the lead photograph above, was a beautiful hotel.

The Grand Hyatt
3300 Peachtree Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

Originally a small farming community, Buckhead grew into a bustling commercial center with high-rise apartments, condominiums and office buildings mixed in
with older homes.
Having original and remodeled homes still being loved and lived in since the late 1800’s is a testament to the people of Atlanta’s 
“love of home.”

Nice to see that Atlantians care about their historical homes 
and that not every old home needs to be torn down.
Taking care and having foresight to see that their city could be revitalized and modernized but still keep its personality is so important in today’s throw-away-mentality-world!

I was surprised to find so many Federal, Colonial and antebellum-style homes around Buckhead.  They reminded me of the homes
I’d see when visiting my parents in Connecticut.
It was almost a dejá vu feeling!
I love this combination of homes, personally!

Lots of personality to this part of Atlanta!

an asymmetric Colonial style home in Buckhead, Atlanta
I also love how homes here are set back farther from the street
and some have lovely covered porte-cocheres
on the side of the house.
This is where a horse and buggy would pull up to let family
and friends disembark back in the day.

Evening skies over the Buckhead area of Atlanta

A little history lesson for you…

Atlanta was originally named Terminus, a very apt name distinguishing the city as the Zero-Mile Post convergence for 
four major railroad lines shipping goods from the area
to the mid-west from the 1830’s to the 1850’s.  Hence, this is why 
General William Tecumseh Sherman
burned Atlanta to the ground during the Civil War
(all except hospitals and churches, although hospitals
were ordered evacuated) 
as the area was THE major distribution hub 
for military supplies coming into the South.

After the war, as Terminus’s economy resurrected, a movement to rename the city grew and for a short time Terminus
was known as Thrasherville. 
Shortly thereafter, though…

    ‘Gov. Lumpkin asked them [city officials] to name it after his young daughter instead, and Terminus became Marthasville. In 1845, the chief engineer of the Georgia Railroad, (J. Edgar Thomson) suggested that Marthasville be renamed “Atlantica-Pacifica”, which was quickly shortened to “Atlanta.” ‘ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Atlanta 

(and aren’t we all glad that the city was renamed?!)

The western sky as I walked back to my hotel after the first day
at conference.

A little garden tucked away at the Grand Hyatt, Buckhead Atlanta.

I love the feeling of this hidden gem of a garden ~
soooo serene, so ethereal!

Love the ferns and can you spot the Japanese pagoda?

While walking to the Design Bloggers Conference last Monday morning, I met a gentleman cleaning out a little store in one of these hundred year old homes that had been added-onto.
He was bringing out the most amazing old cabinets pulled from houses in the area… I could have brought home several chipped and peeling cabinets, nightstands, and a small buffet piece that he had!
I should have taken a picture but I didn’t think of that until later.
This shop was going out of business and this gentleman 
was just doing a little cleaning in preparation for a final sale.
Alas… another time!


The Grand Hyatt Buckhead’s grand chandelier!
(wouldn’t you like to take it home?!)

This was a wonderfully quick trip ~ I learned soooo much about blogging, a bunch about marketing, and met many wonderful people whose companies were sponsors of the DBC.
I also met many great bloggers, a few of my personal favorite blogger mentors and I feel like I burned my way through Atlanta!
I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of
Atlanta’s Buckhead area.

Please click on the link:
Design Bloggers Conference
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