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Welcome to Share Your Style #240! This link party is for home decor, DIY, crafts, recipes and the like, but you are more than welcome to share your family-friendly posts with us all! As always I am glad that you are here and there are so many great posts to choose from to share with all y’all… 

Well, folks!… It has been a really nasty week for me physically. I have had a bad cold which went worse. I have pneumonia but luckily (if there is such a thing) it is only the beginning of it!

So, I posted nothing this week and Share Your Style won’t have any features. I literally walked in the door at 5:50pm after revisiting the local Urgent Care and our CVS.

I am Barbara Chapman your host and I’d love it if you’d follow me here on my blog and on any of my other social media sites, too. I appreciate your support! Thank you!

This week is a fun mish-mash of all kinds of different posts ~ no real theme! There’s some railroad fun, several Valentine’s ideas and a bit of snow… 😉

So, with that… 🙂

Please link up your lovely posts and I’ll do my best to let the meds do their work so SYS can be up and running normally for next week.

Thank you for understanding!
Let’s party!!

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12 thoughts on “Share Your Style #240”

  1. Oh dear, Barbara! So sorry you're sick. Pneumonia is a big deal, I hope you are planning to see a doctor, and take whatever time you need to get better.

  2. Barb, please take care of yourself and don't worry about the blog. This month has been one for many of us having some kind of illness or flu etc. Please take it easy and get plenty of rest, everything else can wait. sending a hug and prayers for quickly being better!

  3. Barb, I so hope you feel better soon. It's been a really bad week for my husband (he fell), and as a result, we've spent many hrs at the ER and follow up visits. People everywhere are sick. Honestly, I don't see how you had the energy to post your update, but glad you did. I'll say a prayer your body heals quickly.

  4. Oh goodness dear Barb, I hope you went to the doctor, neumonia is a series illness. Please rest and take good care of yourself dear friend.Thank you for hosting for us regardless you've taken ill. Praying for you.Fabby

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