Kitchen Cabinets Redo

Over the past two weeks
I have been working on lightly sanding and repainting 
all of the cabinets and doors
in our kitchen.

This is where I was at on Saturday morning…

Back when we moved in in 2003,
crackle finish on cabinets
was all the rage!

Ten years later,
not so much…

So, the crackle on the island cabinet has to go!
I grabbed our sander and went to work.

When you need to sand off surfaces that are uneven,
use 60 grit sandpaper to sand down
your piece to an even surface.

Here in California, there was a new law
that went into affect a couple of years ago
regarding paints and not hurting the environment.
Therefore, all paints are low VOC, or low odor/fumes,
and most have primer plus paint
(really just thicker paint).
Primer is no longer sold in large quantities.

In our area, you can’t buy 5 gallons of primer anymore,
which is a bummer!
I found that out last summer when we worked
on the patio cover.
I did find some in another county…
So, when you see it,

The left side of the kitchen is mostly done
except for the fronts of four drawers.
I’ll update you as we get more done
later into next week.


did do something fun while on vacation
and it was this…

A new project:
A little craft project I will be sharing 
with you this week
involves this 
cute. little. lock!

Until next time, Happy Tuesday and many 
Blessings to you,

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