{Crafts to Make ~ Hanging Lock Heart}

Here is the cute little heart craft project
just finished
for you!

Actually, I finished it a week ago…
We are having some technical difficulties again
with our computer.
Also having issues uploading photos from
the camera sometimes.

So, that’s partly
I haven’t been blogging…

The other reason is that Hubby and I have been working hard on finishing up the kitchen cabinets
repainting and fixing where we had a water leak under our sink two or three years ago.
(we had a reverse osmosis water filter that got old and leaked…)

The finished photos for that is coming soon!
Looks really good, too!

Hanging Lock Heart

1.  I used a leftover piece of reclaimed pallet wood with a heart drawn on the part that had the look

I liked.

(Obviously, use anything you have laying around, or run down to your favorite lumber yard and buy a pretty piece of wood.)

*The holes were already in the wood and I thought they would make cute “eyes” for hanging the ribbon hanger through!

2. Cut to length and cut out with a jigsaw or scroll saw. I like using the scroll saw that I bought at
Sears about 20 years ago.

I used to make yard signs like teapots and animated holiday signs I designed for people to put in their yards during the holidays.

A scroll saw operates a lot like using a sewing machine ~ you move the wood on the machine much like you would do when moving a piece of fabric when sewing along curved seams.

The beauty of the scroll saw is that you can back-cut. by coming in from the opposite angle/direction when cutting a piece out.  This is exactly what I did to get out the little triangle piece from the top of the board.

3. Once the heart is cut out, take some 60-grit sandpaper to take down the edges. Finish with 120-grit sandpaper or finer to make the edges nice and smooth.

4. Paint, stain or white-wash the front side, which is what I did here.

5. Attach your lock and/or other cool metal pieces. Add a wire or beautiful ribbon as your hanger.



Your Hanging Heart Lock is complete!!!

Beautiful in its wonkiness… 
Not perfectly symmetrical, just imperfectly cute!

Add lettering around the edges. Stamp the back piece.
Keep adding whatever comes to mind.

Happy Crafting 
blessings to you!

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