Sunday Sentiments… Grace

Grace ~
I like the fact that God gives us grace
instead of giving us forever
without Him!

For all the little things we do wrong,
it’s nice to know that we can be forgiven.
Just like a parent who has to
discipline his or her child,
God will discipline us
…but only for a time.

Jesus got us the invitation to the table…
We just have to accept it.
Today’s message at church was from
Hebrews 13:17-25.
The emphasis was on
obeying your church leaders and praying for them
so that their work can be a joy
it comes back to you.

The last scripture in verse 25, the author
(it is thought to be Paul, the apostle)
“Grace be with you all.”
(which is Paul’s signature trademark ending to his writings, usually
saying, “Grace and Peace to you all.”)

So, it stuck with me…
Grace is an ethereal word,
hard to describe…
just like when we see a beautiful painting,
a glowing sunrise or fiery sunset,
sweeping landscapes with blowing grasses
as far as the eye can see,
the sweet look and smile of a child as the parent enters the room,
a happy couple holding hands while walking
along a beach, then sharing a kiss…

It makes us joyful and happy!

last spring’s garden

What things are you thankful for today?
I hope that grace is always a part of your home.

Grace and peace to you,
my friends!

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