Easy Pinecone Christmas Craft!

Want to make your pinecones
white or white and sparkly?

This is so easy ~ and really fast!
*Just pick up a jar of Gesso from the art supply section
at your favorite art/craft store.

*Grab your paint brush ~
I used my Purdy 2″ sash brush,
my go-to brush that I use for painting walls, trim, chairs, 
the overhang this summer, etc.

*Then lightly dip your brush into the shaken-up Gesso.
Dab some of the paint off the brush onto a paper towel
*Dry brush the edges of your pinecone.

It’s that simple!!!
If you’d like glitter on yours, let the Gesso dry and dab on some glue
(or use spray adhesive)
and sprinkle on glitter.

I did this last year with a friend who came over
and we decorated those white and silver pumpkins
for fall.
Just use an old pie tin underneath as you hold your pinecone
to collect the dropped glitter.
You can save it and put it back into your jar
when you are done for next time.

In the middle of decorating this week for the tea
I held on Saturday,
I painted these pinecones with Gesso.
(Don’t you start two projects while you are prepping
for something big?
That’s me: Ms. Martha Stewart!)

I’ll reveal the other projects I worked on
in a couple of upcoming posts.
One involved those trees in the background…

Happy Gesso-ing!

p.s. Listening to a gorgeous song on Pandora called
“Breath of Heaven” while writing this…

Feel free to share my posts. So glad to share with you! 

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