Love Came Down

Mixed silver, Christmas roses on china, and Nordic look with pinecones and animals
Love came down…

Two friends came over for our book club tea today.
We meet on a Saturday every couple of months.

One lady brought two kinds of yummy sandwiches ~

chicken salad made with Craisins and celery,
the second
an egg salad with dill.

The other friend brought two kinds of fudge and pieces
of chocolate cake.
I made white chocolate and crushed-candy cane scones,
and, of course
provided the tea!

We have been reading through all of Jane Austen’s
but we took a break to read the newest book from author
Jan Karon
Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good.
If you haven’t read any of Ms. Karon’s stories,
you are in for a treat!
Her Mitford series about Father Tim Kavanaugh
and the townsfolk
of fictional Mitford, North Carolina
has great characters, wholesome fun, troubles to work through
but to me
the best is the
blessings that occur in within the town.
Like a comfy blanket, Karon weaves her tale and envelopes
you the reader with God’s love.
And, the setting?
Christmas time!!!

What can be better than that?! 
All of these photos are completely unedited.
After setting the table Friday evening,
I played with the aperture and camera speed.
The lighting was low just as you see it,
…so ethereal at night!

Needless to say,

Ms. Karon finishes her story with 

a lovely Christmas


One final thought ~ the way the light off the Christmas tree sparkles and bounces, reminds me of the movie Little Women

Blessings to you this Christmas season…

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