Love Divine

Love Divine…

I like to think that at this time of year we can talk 
about our faith
more than perhaps other months of the year.
(okay, except Easter time!)

It seems in this politically correct world that just the mention of
freaks people out sometimes.
Christians weren’t supposed to misrepresent 
Christ Jesus
making us look hypocritical ~
giving Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God the Father
a bad name in non-believers’ eyes.

We are sorry,
truly sorry for messing things up…

please give 
another chance
if for some reason you have rejected Him in the past.
He loves you and will 
be there for you
when you need
The pond at my parents’ last home ~ Southbury, Connecticut
Sharing at Home and Garden Thursday ~  A Delightsome Life 

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Enjoy your Sunday!

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