White Wednesday

A lovely store in Clovis, California

Are you feeling the need
for some white

in your decorating this season?

Some years I like a lot of reds and greens, 
less often I go with blues and silver,
but in recent years I am really liking
silver and/or gold
mixed with white.

A friend of mine, Kathy, has the most beautiful house,
all whites and creams most of the year
with a scattering of 

lovely houseplants adding in green.
She and I both like the Shabby Chic look
so we have pinks scattered in our pictures
and pink roses on our china. 

I have often thought that her home and gardens
would look lovely in shelter magazines, 
but she is pretty private.
Today I thought I would share 
just a few photos with you of her 
amazingly beautiful home
at Christmas time…

Each Christmas she adds in some red and it just pops!
This is her home below:

usually mostly all white ~ at Christmas with all the reds and greens ~ so lovely! sorry ~ an iPhone 4 or earlier phone photo!

love all the silver and white!

a Christmas tea a couple of years ago

One of her chanties! Each year the 

Sometimes don’t you just get the urge
to go all out 
and decorate every little surface?

This is how I feel after visiting her home.
I get totally inspired
to fill every nook and cranny with baubles, 
and ornaments, and crystals…

Our apple head Santa last Christmas

Anyway, I’ll be posting up little snippets as

we get more of our home
decorated for the holidays
later this week.

Happy decorating to you!
(It’s in full-swing!)

(***Posting on Saturday due to computer issues*** 🙂
Sharing at Feathered Nest Friday ~ French Country Cottage

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