Love All Lovely

Love all lovely…

I have been thinking about all that is lovely, all that is ethereal…
On our trip to visit family and friends
this week over Thanksgiving,
my longest-known best friend Janet,
her daughter Sara, and I
went Geo Caching out at a water reservoir 
in Auburn, California.

Even with only being 1/3 full,
the water and surrounding countryside 
were beautiful!
A family was there and their dog chased a ball 
into the water
over and over, bounding out
with unbridled enthusiasm.
Here, he is resting between his trips into the lake 
to retrieve his
beloved object…

Sometimes life is this big bridge…

Crossing this enormous foot bridge,

took courage and ignoring vertigo!

This was the second bridge of the afternoon, 
about a football field in length.
The first was only 25′ long or so.
This rushing stream ran underneath the first.

Getting back together with friends
whom I hadn’t seen in several years 
was wonderful!

We have known each other since high school,
over 30 years now.
And, it always amazes me that
no matter how far away we are, 
how long it has been 
since we have spoken,
we fall right back in-step,
as though we have never been apart…
Sara with the gecko she found in the first geo cache. 

Janet signing the geo cache log.

Finding another item under the end of the big bridge, and adding a little toy moose!

Life is easy, life is good, 
we can ignore the evils out in the world,
turn introspective 
just be.

Live life to the fullest!


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