7 Favorite Showrooms at High Point Market

High Point Market is the most
amazing place to visit!
People come from all over the world to view the
latest designs for furnishings and home decor
and to shop…

This is Janie of JBeth Designs!

Between wandering around the International Home Furnishings Center (IHFC) by myself on Friday afternoon/evening
and then meeting up with
Courtney of French Country Cottage
{our Insider’s Guide to High Point Market for first timers!}
and new friend and designer
Janie Timberlake of JBeth Designs
{she’s just starting a site on FB and is on Instagram}
on Saturday
and touring showrooms
listening to a fabulous talk at a place
I will share with you in a separate post
{we were treated to a Moroccan lunch there, too!}
getting to shop for amazing pieces and see
all these gorgeous goods coming
from Europe and all
over the world
I’m on sensory overload ~ but in the
best way possible!!!

I’ll have several indepth write-ups over the next few weeks
sharing more of the beautiful furniture pieces
and accessories I found that inspired me.

Here are Seven Incredible Showrooms that I found which just
knocked my socks off:


Shown in the featured first photo was my absolute 
definite favorite followed closely by these next three.
As soon as I can figure out how to share
Eloquence’s trademark with you on their photographs
I promise
I have a TON of French etherealness by way of
incredibly beautiful French pieces
to share with you…
Just look at those gorgeous round accent lights!
They are such a lovely take on the 1960’s-1970’s
ones my parents had in their
guest/second bathroom
in their country Connecticut home.
{Left by a previous owner and they sufficed ~ just weren’t my taste.}

Love the old French novels and the French farmhouse table and benches
at French Heritage.

French Heritage

A showroom filled with beautiful fine furnishings
the owner designed herself for various designers
and pieces of the company’s own label.
Gold leaf, incredible French Louis mirrors
exquisite reproductions and antiques
as well as
avante-garde Art Deco inspired pieces ~
totally on trend!

TONS of ironstone tureens inside Golden Oldies.

Golden Oldies

This must be where everything comes into port
from everywhere overseas…
Hat makers forms, chocolate molds, loving cups,
French mirrors, olive buckets in stacks…
Janie and I… Our mouths dropped open at the $$
we could have dropped there
for clients AND for ourselves!

Ave Home

Ave features raw wood designs for the home
and can customize any of their furniture pieces
with Annie Sloan chalk paint matched to your decor
or can stain as desired.
I like their ability to customize!
I think that’s their best selling point as not
every company has the ability to do this.
Ave prides itself on being very vendor and

Bobo Intriguing Objects

One of the first shops we had an appointment with on
Saturday which has really nice clean furniture lines
and a fun mix of funky accessories ~ like the cute
French bulldog who has a name which I forget
{I’m sorry!}
and cute children’s play horses with burlap bodies
but paper maché heads, legs and tails!

Bobo also carries incredible antique artists’ drawings
which would have been used as the original design
for pieces created in the 18th and 17th centuries.
Wonderful for framing
they were on my list of future wallhangings.

Bliss Studio

Lovely reproductions with that ethereal white Nordic look
that I have totally fallen for these past few years…
Bliss is making very European-style cushions
which are thicker and more comfortable than
foam-filled cushions used on a lot of lesser quality
furniture pieces.
They are featuring the Gustavian-French look
brought over from Europe
which is so beautiful and popular right now
in North America and across Europe.

I was particularly excited about this table
set up that you can see in the photo above.
I like that the demilune tables can be added to
the kitchen table to bring in extra spaces
when extra company arrives ~
especially handy during the holidays!

Blue Ocean Traders

OMGosh!  We all went nuts for the many
vintage goodies found here…
My picks were horse troughs which come in three
sizes stacked and can be used in the garden
inside in a greenhouse or really anywhere.
Doors from India and the Middle East
are also a big feature here
along with reproduction wooden breadboards
doughbowls and the cutest capitals
from the Phillipines
made of wood.
A very famous t.v. personality has these
in her showroom.

Mine! 😀

These are the doors I wanted to put in my
suitcase and bring home…
Love all the colors on them!

Coming to Market has been crazy fun and
I’ve learned a ton!
I’ve linked all the showroom names for you
so you can see their products.
If there is something you’d like to buy
just let me know and I’ll
inquire for you and quote you a price.

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Website coming soon…

Inspirational Designers ~ Earl Charles Spencer, 9th Earl of Althorp

Earl Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, Viscount Althorp
came to visit us as the keynote speaker at 
Design Bloggers Conference 
on the last day of conference on
Tuesday afternoon…

Earl Charles Spencer began his talk 
sharing about the restoration work ongoing 
at his family’s ancestral home, 
Althorp House.  
He inherited the house at the age of 27 
when his father passed away and 
he lovingly shared a story about his father
and this home:  
The roof of this home, which is massive {see photo above}
was really in need of repair and replacing.  The house was originally a red brick Tudor and much smaller; 
in the late 1700’s, the architect and designer 
Capability Brown
said that red brick was bad and ugly, so 
the home was made grander and the red brick banished.  

A second major restoration happened back in the 1890’s, 
I believe Earl Spencer said, and 
his father Edward Spencer ~ the 8th Earl of Althorp ~ had gone about attending to other restoration work around the house. 
However, that roof still needed repair. 
Well, when asked about it one time, Earl Edward Spencer
“Well, I’ll leave that for Charles.”

Please forgive the terrible photo and cropping ~ luckily the beauty of Althorp shines through despite my wonky shot of the screen from where I sat and final editing! 😉

And this is how the current Earl Spencer came to 
become really involved in the caretaking and
history of his ancestral home.
Restoration work and taking visitors on tour around the
house as a kid for pocket-change led to 
his writing about the home.
He has written one 
main book
Althorp: The Story of an English House

All photos from Earl Spencer’s speech at DBCLA, 3/7/17
Lord Spencer already had a love for history
this being his major in college and 
writing books about England’s history and 
his home’s small part in that were just 
natural extensions of this love.

Here Lord Spencer is talking about some of the different rooms within his home.

In one room’s hallway there are these
incredible busts of famous British figures,
{you know me and statues!}
on the doorway side are hung paintings and
busts of Spencer family ancestors.

Photo taken of a slide Earl Spencer shared from his book ~ Althorp, The Story of an English House.
Earl Spencer doesn’t usually put his family
especially his children
in the spotlight or use them in his work.
He does this out of respect for them and to keep 
their family life private.
However, that being said, Lord Spencer shared
that two of his seven kids 
are on social media.

One of his sons, who is still pretty young,
interviewed someone rather famous one day, and 
this interviewee asked him, 
“Well, how many followers do you have?” 
“Four,” was the reply.
Holding back a smile, the man made a comment
or other to the effect that 
he thought
Earl Spencer’s son might have a few
more followers soon.
By the morning after young Spencer published 
his video blog interview 
with this rock-star gentleman,
the next day he had 
thousands of followers.
So, this is his son’s break into journalism.

Earl Spencer talked about the house 
being open to the public 60 days per year.
It was open when he was a boy, too, and as a child 
his father would have his children
lead people around the house
if they were home and 
this was how he learned his home’s history
and earned a little pocket change
at the same time.
Every large estate needed a way to generate revenue 
for its upkeep 
Althorp was no different.

With the restorations going on and the roof
finally under repair and replacement,
Earl Spencer collaborated with
Theodore Alexander
a furniture company
in recreating 650 pieces of furniture
at last count in its 
Althorp Living History 
The earl said that 40% were direct copies with every 
nick and dent recreated. {he says he has to get up really close and study
the pieces to be able to tell if its the copy or the original, these reproductions are “that good.”}
Another 40% are pieces with some adjustments and the remaining 20% are pieces inspired by originals at Althorp.

His parting advice for us Tuesday afternoon was
that when creating a brand as a designer
one needs to be authentic ~ 
be to true to one’s self and don’t collaborate
with a partner that doesn’t fit you.
Good advice, indeed!

In closing, I want to share how warm, charming 
and funny Earl Spencer was.
His love for his children and family, 
and for British history work harmoniously together.
Much like the talk I went to at Macy’s given by
Sarah, Duchess of York
a number of years ago,
his passions shine through in
everything he does.
I really enjoyed listening to his talk ~ 
his passionate zeal for his work as the current 
conservator of Althorp incorporating 
modernizations for the future into 
the timelessness of his ancestral home
really shines through ~ and
is something to which we can all relate 
as we create our homes.

Happy decorating!
Barb 🙂

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3 New Products and Lines for Your Home

Today I want to share some of the 
gorgeous products 
coming to market seen at the
Design Bloggers Conference
which caught my eye…

Crystal embedded faucet handles, or taps, for your bath and kitchen.  The lovely ladies
who work for THG ~ sorry, bad iPhone photo shots!
Kitchen and Bath
1. THG  a French company which I am just learning about, has some really exciting bath products for the lavatory.  Their lead designer has used tiny Swarovski crystals in several of their taps {aka “handles”} giving those pieces such a textural and tactile experience!  For this girl who just came out of 14 years working with autistic children, you’ve got to get these for your kids!  
They will LOVE the feel of these!

THG also asked Lalique, the company famous for their incredible crystal vases and perfume bottles, to fashion their crystal into the prettiest rose and apple taps and fixtures you’ve ever seen {the pomme collection}.  I’m sorry I didn’t take a closer picture for you, but please check out their company website online HERE. Seriously in love with all of their line!  Their idea is that these pieces should be “jewelry for your home.”  

2. Miele {pronounced Mee-Lay} is a German company which makes a full range of kitchen and bathroom appliances, vacuum cleaners and hardware for the kitchen and bath.   These aren’t technically an individual “new product” per se; however, they are new products in an established line and they are new to me so I’m sharing them here with you.  😉  

These ranges have closed burners which are particularly nice to keep food from falling down below the cooktop, and I also really like the burners as they are large enough but move easily, good for people with grip issues.

Love these double ovens!  Couldn’t you see yourself cooking a Thanksgiving turkey in one and your pie and other goodies in the other all at the same time??! 
I’m hungry already!
Miele’s hardware comes in a wide range of colors 
{some shown on this display board} and styles to fit yours or your client’s home and aesthetics.  Please hop on over to Miele to see their full product line.

Home Decor

3. Universal came out with these really cute chrome and cararra marble hexagonal-shaped tables.  I was in love the minute I saw them since I live in my “Small Cottage” and we need our tables to be small.  These cuties can be grouped and moved around super easily as each only weighs about 10 lbs. or so.  Universal had a contest to see who could style their tables the best and the winner would win a table.  Obviously, I didn’t win one.  Sad face…. 🙁   I’m still thinking I might call them up and see about buying one {or two or three} as they are super cute and portable!  Universal is only available to the trades; however, you can look them up online at:  www.universaltothetrade.com.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick
tour of some of the newest home appliances, 
fixtures and housewares for you home!
I’ve enjoyed 
bringing them to you. 

Check back later this week as I’ll be sharing
more from L.A., Beverly Hills, and
this quick working vacay and the
Design Bloggers Conference.
We got to hear from some other really
talented and royally famous people
{that might give you a clue}
I have some more design tips
and blogging ideas that each shared
that I’d like to share with you.

Blessings to you and until then,
xoxo Barb 🙂

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Happy Sunday!!!
Happy to be back in Cali for the
Design Bloggers Conference
beginning later today,
also to visit a few friends in Murrieta
later this week!

I was sick on Friday evening packing
so am not sure what all I’ve got in my
suitcase that goes together…
{I’m a hot mess!}
But, will make the best of it and just
wing it…
Spent all of yesterday resting
once I got to my hotel and
I feel better today.
This morning, I’m driving over to Venice beach 
enjoy the surf then onward to the
Beverly Hilton 
for the conference beginning 
this afternoon.

Will share some photos with you all later on.
Thanks for checking in!

Have a great Sunday!
Blessings to you,

Good morning!

Good morning ~ the birds are 
chirping madly outside at the birdfeeder
the sun is brightly shining and a
breakfast of cinnamon bagels with
a warm cup of tea
is up!

Today French Ethereal begins anew in our Little Prairie Home
our new Landmark 365 Charleston RV the blown~up expanded version of our former Coleman travel trailer
as we continue our new life in Texas.
And, actually, I only ate ONE of those bagels, btw…
{Still trying to be good on my diet though I was a little bad this weekend.}
Speaking of weekends it was a bit wild and windy here this past weekend but the sun is out now and the week looks to be glorious with no more rain in the forecast.
Since good weather is on the horizon, I’m looking to shoot some tablestylings for you since it is very springlike right now.
Spring is springing in Texas!
This week, I have two crafts to share with you.  One involves those ripped pairs of jeans over on the coffee table that my dear husband handed me this weekend while we were clearing out unused clothes and putting other things away…

Then, here in March I head back to California for the
Design Bloggers Conference 2017
which I attended last year in Buckhead, Atlanta.

I learned sooo much from attending last year’s conference that I have more questions to find answers to and I really want to understand more.
I am looking forward to going and I also am hoping to visit
some dear friends in the area and from my former school.
At the conference, I hope to meet some of my new blog friends
as well as get to meet new vendor friends.
It’s a great time to share ideas, learn a whole lot of information
and become inspired by a mini tour of the new decor
coming out at High Point Market this year!
early morning photo today shortly after sunrise 🙂
Anyway, we are mostly up and running
here and will be back to regular
posting this week.

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Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Design Inspirations from #DesignBlogConf 2016

Some of the wonderful design books & resources from brought back from
Design Bloggers Conference, March 6 – 8, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia

Today’s post is all about
sharing with you 
inspiring designs
bloggers, designers and sponsors
this spring’s
Design Bloggers Conference!

Have you ever
hoped to meet someone “famous?”
Someone you admire and esteem
she or he creates such beautiful vignettes
and decorates with such panache?
A designer who creates
most beautiful bouquets
which cause your heart to skip a beat?
Whose work you’d love to
and recreate in your own home
and DO?!

While at conference, I was able to meet 
Courtney Allison
French Country Cottage.
Courtney writes from her 1940’s era cottage in Northern California
beautifully set tables ready for a garden party,
tips on decorating
between redecorating projects in her home
she also finds time to bring 
her readers wonderful recipes.
Her photographs and photography
are also inspiring
and take her readers off into blissful daydreams…

It was an honor
to finally meet Courtney Allison,
the person behind
the blog!
She is just as personable as comes across
in her posts!
Courtney shared blogging tips for writing one’s blogposts
essential information for working
with vendors.

Please stop by and visit her blog if you haven’t already.
You’ll find
 French Country Cottage


Courtney Allison of frenchcountrycottage.net
and myself, Barb of frenchethereal.blogspot.com

Day Two’s amazing speakers
also included
crossover designer/fashion designer
Cynthia Rowley
who has designed a furniture line debuting at
this spring’s
High Point Market
this coming April 2016.

Cynthia spoke about her experiences 
as a budding designer
and shared slides of just a few of her 
designs for the fashion industry.

Host and CEO of Esteem Media, Adam Japko introducing designer Cynthia Rowley
at the Design Bloggers Conference, Atlanta, March 7th, 2016.

Vogue magazine cover, design award, and fashion designs created by
designer Cynthia Rowley.  Slide courtesy of Cynthia Rowley.

I spoke with Cynthia
when our sessions ended on Monday.
She was very gracious!
a bit jet lagged but elated
I sought out
Cynthia Rowley designs 
while my husband looked for things needed for the next day’s 
track meet at our high school.
Her website can be found

Later this week I’ll be sharing
more stories I heard from other 
great designers
who attended
this spring’s
Design Bloggers Conference.

Please check out the sidebar for other posts 
you may have missed
sign up to receive further blog notices
so you don’t miss any!  Have a great week

Happy Sunday to you, 

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Going to Atlanta!

Around New Year’s
I entered a contest...

 I won!!!!!

I never really thought I had a chance to win
French Ethereal
is still very much a little fish in a big pond
of bloggers…

wishes really can come true!
Five entrants were chosen among all of the bloggers 
who entered
I’ll be writing to you from Atlanta
in early March
from the
Design Bloggers Conference!

Until then, here are some pictures 
from around
“our little home.”

Spring is in the Air around our place
and after a good clean-up the yard is starting
to look really nice!

Last weekend I potted a new tea rose and planted another
in the front planter along with two Spanish lavender plants
and some sweet alyssum to fill-in in this big planter
to the right in this photo.

As they all start budding and filling in,
I’ll share their progress
with you.

What wonderful plants 
have you been planting lately??

Dandelion seed pod of exceptional beauty
taken today at school with my iPhone 5C!

Have a wonderful week
Happy Early Spring!