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An Early Fall Buffet With a Move to the Living Room

Happy September, dear friends! We had slightly cooler temps this past week ~ down into the lower 90’s. With that, I’ve begun a little fall cleaning around the house. So nice to bring in a little fall color around the house.

When Gramma Gini and I brought the buffet home, it ended up under the kitchen bar in our dining room. Seemed like a good place for it at the time.

I began a post with this crystal bowl I inherited from my mother, who inherited it from her mother, my Grammy Helen. She inherited it from her mother who had a bunch of crystal pieces. Back in the 1930’s or so, Julia had to sell many of the pieces because back then you were taxed on the number of things you owned.

Sounds weird, but true! Kinda like when people were taxed on the number of windows they had in their houses. (I think that was in England.)

She kept four crystal pieces and each of her children were blessed to inherit one piece.

Anyway, I never finished the post. 😉 This simple bowl of dried hydrangea blooms looked good on the buffet!

Over the long weekend, I asked Mr. Ethereal if he would move the new buffet from the dining room into the living room for me.

Decorating the Buffet in the Living Room

I started with this fall table runner I found earlier in the summer at Home Goods. It is perfect with the soft cream pumpkins added around the hydrangea bowl.

An addition of a vanilla scented candle on a nubby clear glass candleholder was the perfect finishing touch.

And even though the rest of the living room is in cleaning chaos, it’s nice to have a bit of fall here on the buffet!

How is your fall decorating going?


Happy September, everyone!

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    1. Hi Rita! Well, we are back up to 109 today. Ugh! Anyway, I’m working on getting SYS out this evening sometime. Supposed to be in the 70’s next week and 60’s overnight. We will be positively freezing, lol! 😉

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