5 Fun Beginning of Summer Things to Do with Bandanas

My Girl Scout Brownie troop around year 2000 hamming it up in their super cool flying cow bandanas!

Today’s post is all about things we all
like to do and wear that’s fun for our kids and 
for grown-ups too
and with 
summer coming up and this weekend being 
Memorial Day…
Patriotism and good memories of loved ones 
and fun times 
is on my mind and
were the inspiration for this 
beginning of summer post.
I’m talking about something that is a
staple in everyone’s drawers
and camping supplies ~ good for
washing dishes on a campout
making a mini backpack to tie
to a little pole ~ it’s those wonderfully versatile

One of the first times our girls washed dishes.  This was many of these girls first time camping.  🙂

Bandanas are great for many things!

So today we are talking about the

wonderfully handy sometimes a hanky

but often utilitarian 



some of the other fun things 

for which

a bandana can be used:

1. Tying back one’s hair

The number one use for a bandana 
(and probably always will be)
ever since these darlings 
were invented
is to tie back one’s hair.
Always wonderful for keeping that hair
out of one’s eyes when the wind is blowing,
bandanas come in such a variety
of colors and patterns now, it’s just plain
fun to wear them.
Pick up a few for everyone in the family
like we did back 
during our Scouting days and 
be “twins” 
with your kids for the day!

Our Girl Scout troop had these cool
flying cow bandanas
my co-leaders and I found at
the local Army-Navy store
one day when we were picking up
GS badges and other items.
I think we gave them to the girls that 
first year we were together.

They were something the girls could 
wear together which helped 
gel them together
as a group and it was part of their 
color-coordinated unofficial uniform
for when we went on hiking trips
and for this 
our first camping trip.

A spring breakfast tea using the trustworthy bandana!

2. Bandanas as Napkins

A while back I had a post sharing
these fun pink napkins used
in place of other napkins I’d 
normally use.
Because bandanas are usually made out of
100% cotton
that makes them perfect for 
cleaning up spills
or for 
wiping one’s lips
when jam or BBQ sauce
gets all over.

I just think it’s fun to change up what we
think of as a napkin!
Guess I’ve always done that.
How about you?
What do you like to do for your napkins?
Have you sewn any of your own?
It’s super fun to create something
to coordinate with an upcoming
party’s theme!
I’ve used leftover fabric when making a
tablecloth to create tiny fingertip napkins.
Check out an old Valentine’s post where
I’d made matching napkins.

While I was starting to write this post
I got to thinking about
where and when were bandanas invented?
Turns out that they have officially
been around for over 200 years!

There’s a really cool article online about 
“Bandana History” by BandanaShop.com
which talks about how bandanas
have been used as giveaways
promoting political figures
{George Washington being one of the first to be thus immortalized!}
and as a promotional tool for
that newfangled invention
“the talkies” ~ handkerchief bandanas
with Snow White and the seven dwarves
likenesses being one of the first
out there promoting children’s films.
I found the article fascinating
and I think
you will too!
Do follow the link over and check it out.

3. Bandanas Belts

Tie or braid several together to make 
an impromptu belt to coordinate
with a summer outfit…
With the 4th of July coming up
it’d be fun to sport
red white and blue bandanas
woven together into a belt.

The belt I whipped up for the photos
above is just
*two bandanas laid on an angle
*fold each opposite point inward
then fold the bandana in on itself
making a long rectangle.
*Tie together in back with a granny or
square knot.
*Slip through belt loops and tie in front.
Easy peasy!

If you want a Patriotic Bandana Belt
you’ll need six bandanas (two of each color}
to braid together.
*These can be folded as above
they can just be scrunched
and tied to its twin lengthwise
*tie the three colors together on one end
*then braid all of three long bandana “ropes”
at once.
*When braided, tie the three ends of the 
three colors together.
*Slip through your waistbands
and knot around in front.

4.Bandana Dog

I saw this hot diggity dog of a bandana
idea and knew it had to be
featured here at French Ethereal…

I contacted Marci at Stone Cottage Adventures
and asked if I could use a couple of her stories.  
She was delighted to have 
a few of her bandana posts
The blog link above will take you
to a quick bandana star story
she just posted.

The pink headlines and I think the
Pinterest photos
will take you to her posts, too!
{the pink links for sure!}
Marci shared how to make this incredibly 
cuddly cute dachshund
that she made for her granddaughter
out of just one bandana
per dog
plus a little from a coordinating color 
for each of the sweet pup’s ears.
Naturally, she made several of these
hot dogs…
{pun totally intended!!!}
Stop on over to see the other cute dogs
she made.
I could totally see a 4th of July dog…
{or is that “yelp!”}
to go with our theme.

5. Sweet Dress for Your Baby

I also saw this darling baby dress 
over on
Stone Cottage Adventure’s blog
and knew it had to
come on over, too ~ 
just check out how adorable 
Marci’s sweet granddaughter
looks with her purple bow
and matching 
purple bandana skirt!

Marci gives a whole tutorial on
how to cut pieces of
bandana to create the bow
and then 
how to create the dress.
Several other photos show
this cutie modeling
a couple of other outfits.
She is quite the fashionista
which is part of the title.
An outfit for your baby or for a family
member’s or friend’s new baby
out of 
patriotic colored bandanas
could be just the ticket
and a real crowd pleaser!

Happy Memorial Day
this weekend,
Remembering the fallen…
Barb 🙂

*The red is for the poppies… since 1919 when Memorial Day
was called Armistice Day.

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