Sunday Sentiments ~ Scripture Quilts and a "How To"

Happy Sunday evening to you!
I thought I’d share a little on
something new I found recently:
scripture quilts

This photo is a bit over-lightened but I need to lighten to share this quilt
as this room is a bit dark.

When I first visited my friend Peggy
we took a tour around her lovely home
decorated with family antiques 
and wonderful vintage 
family photos and also these 
soft and sentimental scripture quilts
she had sewn.

A friend of hers had made some and Peggy
had seen them and asked if she could
get a pattern to make 
some scripture blocks.
These first squares ended up being the
beginnings of three quilts
she has made for her husband
and adult children.
More are on the way, too.

I love how this room is decorated with many lifetimes of passed-down family heirlooms ~ taken with my old iPhone 5.
Quilts blocks based on biblical stories have been 
made since women began making quilts
these more modern scripture quilts with
scripture quotes written in a
family members’ handwriting are
a relatively new idea.

I saved a number of biblical and scripture pieces out onto my 
Pinterest Faith board
if you’d like to stop by there
and take a look.

Love the tea dyed quilt block to match the variegated cottons prints used for the rest of the quilt.  This quilt was
presented to Peggy’s husband Tony for his birthday one year.

These quilts are a nice way to keep family members
close especially when everyone lives are so busy
and many of us live far away
from our family
and hardly have time to get together
much except during the holidays.
These quilts also a wonderful way to remember
family member who has “gone on home.

A fun idea is to have each family member
write out their favorite scripture verse
and sign his or her name along the
bottom edge above where
the seamline would be.
This could be a great thing to do over
Thanksgiving while the turkey is cooking
or at a family summer BBQ.
A station to set up in your backyard while
everyone is together celebrating.
Also, this idea could be easily adapted to 
other types of handwritten quilts.
Be sure to sign your quilt when it is done
and this separate quilt block
looks lovely placed on the
back of a quilt.

Drawn “square” is the “cut out block.”  The center horizontal and vertical
axes are drawn first.

How to make a Scripture Quilt Block

Supplies needed

*parchment paper
*ruler or straight edge
*markers to draw over pencil lines
*permanent marker in black or favorite color

to use for final handwritten block.
*muslin washed and dried ~ cut to size of final
quilt block(s) plus seam allowance.


*Begin with cut squares from parchment paper

in the size you need for your quilt block
plus 1/2″ around all four sides 
for the seam allowance.
Also cut out actual muslin

*On your computer, type out your scripture verse(s).

*Print the verse onto regular computer paper
large enough with roughly 3/4″ intervals
between each drawn line.
{leaving about 1/2″ of open space between lines of words}

*Adjust your printing and reprint as needed
making the spacing to 
your liking.

I used 1″ spacing on the photos above and that 

was too much, so I re-drew the lines 
to half-inch spacing.That worked better.

3/4″ I think is what the ones which
Peggy made were measured.  
When you create your own scripture quilt blocks, 

play around with the computer font sizes.  
The above printout would need to be re-spaced on 
the computer accordingly.
{see how it doesn’t quite fit?}
This is just a template anyway and your
handwriting can be adjusted
as you create each scripture block.
Play around with each one until each
looks right to you.

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith — and this is not from ourselves it is a gift from God —(9) not by
works, so that no one can boast.  ~ Ephesians 2: 8-9

Instructions continued

*Place the typed paper underneath the parchment
paper that has had center lines drawn
horizontally and vertically on them.

*Draw as many horizontal lines
above and below the first centered line ~
enough for your whole scripture quote.

*Align the typed sheet underneath
the parchment paper
adjusting the centers of each line
until it looks centered.
Tape down both papers as needed.

*Write out your verses in a dark marker
on the parchment.

*Lay out your thin muslin
over top.
If available, use a light board or projector
underneath to light the words.

If that’s not available?
 Press down firmly
on the muslin to make the marker
show through for copying.

***Practice writing out your verses
on a scrap of muslin first using 
fine-point permanent marker.

Sew your scripture quilt blocks
together with other lightweight cotton
strips to create your quilt in whatever
design you’ve chosen.
Oh, and don’t forget to sign your
beautiful quilt by placing
a special quilt block with a heart-felt 
message on the back.

Blessings to you,
Barb 🙂

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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4:13 🙂

For more information about
Biblical quilts
please click here.

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