Sunday Double Header ~ Welcome Banner using Recycled Blue Jeans

Part 2 of today’s Sunday Double Header is all about reuse, recycle, and repurposing several pairs of worn out blue jeans into a fun Welcome BannerThis sign can be used indoors or outdoors to welcome friends and family to your home.  
Placed above a doorway, over a window {as I’ve used it here}, or hung outside between two trees or on a barn or house wall, this adorable and easy to make Welcome Banner is a perfect way to invite friends into your home for any occasion.


Here’s how to make it:


Recycled Blue Jeans Welcome Sign Banner
* Gather several pairs of old ripped blue jeans.  Cut out the pockets
leaving a small edging {about 1/8”}, if desired.  Save the little watch
pockets, too, to use on your project or for another, smaller sign.
* Figure out what word you want on your sign or for however many
pockets you have available.  Cut out letters from scraps of 
leftover fabrics to make your “word.”  
“Home” or “Hope” or “Love” would be really cute options and 
something I am thinking of creating 
vertically later on and
hung from bows of jute and ribbon.
* Sew, hotglue or use iron-on, double-sided Pellon 
to put letters on each pocket.  
Do the same with any embellishments or other fabrics you have
            making your Blue Jean Banner unique to you!
*Hotglue or sew on ribbon, jute or other string to create a way to hang
            your banner.

shot with my iPhone ~ a little blurry, sorry!


Laying out the letters and balancing
the look…

Hang up and enjoy! 
A simple and easy craft to make that only took an afternoon to create.  I decided to totally sew mine using a quilting stitch on my sewing machine but you can put your together with hot glue or a Pellon-type iron-on fabric.
{if machine stitching:  turn down your stitch length to 1/2 ~ from the normal length; turn down the width of the stitching to about ½ on the zigzag stitch, adjust as you sew}.

The new Thriftshop Maiden
approving the layout…
from Post #1 today.



This blue jeans banner could be taken apart at a later date and new pockets created to reuse the pieces for a bridal shower or a wedding sign, for a baby shower banner, or as a name plate outside a college student’s dorm room ~ really anywhere. 
The possibilities for repurposing old jean pockets into a banner are many ~ let your imagination run wild!
Now we are ready for a party!
Happy Sunday afternoon
Barb 🙂

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Happy Sunday afternoon,
Barb 🙂

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