$10 Thriftshop Challenge ~ Chalkware and Silver

Good Sunday morning to you!  Hope your weekend is going well. Today I thought I’d share my latest $10 thriftshop challenge finds with you. I’ll probably do a double header today as I am still in the process of finishing up the write-up for the blue jeans craft project.  Hope to have that out later this afternoon for you now that Hubby helped me to get my computer back up and happy.  Computers… gotta love ‘em!  😉
Our new dining area situated in our new “Little Home” ~ bright and cozy!
Turns out Apple says I need a new “top” to my computer as it is the battery which is giving us problems.
With that, now you know why I have been struggling to get posts out the past couple of months.  Okay, plus the move to the new “Little House,” but that was only these past two weeks.
I had fun photographing in different lights
as the day went on… 🙂
Now that all the housekeeping is done
This past Tuesday when I went out for a few groceries I thought I’d just stop by some of the local thriftshops to see what I might find.  This day turned out to be a super thriftshop day in that I found two items I have long looked for: 
 a maiden bust and a small silver tray.
A “new” vintage thriftshop silver plate tray with more thriftshop finds on top.
* An added benefit of becoming one year older: it garnered me a 10% discount at one thriftstore.  I call that a win any day!
This chalkware or plaster bust is similar to one I found years ago at an antiques and gift show staged at a woman’s home in Oceanside, CA.  That one was priced at $80 and although lovely, it wasn’t in the budget.

Tuesday’s maiden bust cost a total of $4.32, I think, and it was the piece which received the discount.  The purchase price was $3.80 discounted before sales tax.  The silverplate tray I found at another thrift store and was another good buy at $5.35.  
Living in a space where larger items really stand out, I was really pleased to find a small enough silver tray {approx. 9″ x 16″} which we can use for breakfasts in bed, tea in the evenings while watching a movie, or just as a beautiful silvery decoration as is.  This sweet silver plate tray may end up all over the place and holding many different roles!  It will definitely feature as a serving piece holding goodies when we host parties outdoors and it is just the perfect size for life in an RV.
It is slightly pitted from something leaking onto it but overall it is in good shape and is level. {something to consider when picking up old trays at flea markets, thriftstores or garage sales}

If later I find the pitting a problem, it is easy enough to paint over the piece.  I have several larger silverplate trays in storage and one I painted for just that very reason ~ also because I was really wanting a white tray at the time! J
Here a larger charger is used as a tea service in a Thanksgiving post I wrote a couple of years ago.

A few of the other silverplate trays found at thriftshops in California and currently awaiting the move to Texas…

{I may grab a couple when I head back to California during these next two weeks… we’ll see!}

If you’d like to read about cleaning these silver beauties ~ click Here.

Well, that’s it for today’s $10 thriftshop challenge! 
Next up is the finished blue jeans craft project I began on 
Thursday afternoon.  I think you will like it!  
Check back later today as it is a 
Double Header Sunday…
Will be sharing with
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Blessings to you on this lovely 
Sunday morning!

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