TBT ~ Travels from the Midwest, Summer 2016

Last summer was a super busy 5300+ mile
trip around 14 states
as I’ve brought up a bit before.
Today, though, I thought I’d share
some of those photos from the passenger window
with you…

Earlier this month I talked about going back in time a bit to share some of the places and photos from places we drove by and through last summer.  

Open prairie out in South Dakota

more silos on a midwestern farm

There is something really inspiring about wide open prairies on a warm summer’s day which makes me happy and leads to creativity!  {This is when I tend to sketch things and write down ideas to share in the future.}
It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is mine.

Hay Bales {rolls or bolls} ~ I love how alfalfa and hay can be baled or rolled and this was the first time I realized how pretty hay rolls can be.  Neatly stacked side by side, or just fresh-cut and ready to be moved nearer the barn ~ ready to feed to one’s livestock during the upcoming winter.  One can also smell the sweetness of the hay!

I’ve since seen many hay rolls with our move to Texas and they are now sometimes “ordinary,” but I still like seeing them moved about.  Around here, hay rolls are sold to locals for their horses, cattle and goats.  The farm behind us has several rolls which are currently getting smaller and smaller as the angus there eat their way through those hay bolls.

Farmhouses and churches ~ another of my favorite things bringing inspiration to everything that I do!  My favorite color is white and this lovely building fits the bill perfectly.  With its grey roof atop the main sanctuary and above the little church bell cupola, this building had me at hello!

sideways hay rolls!

“Work and pray, live on hay, you’ll get pie in the sky when you die. “

— Joe Hill

Wide open spaces and rolling hills ~ Another favorite with wind sweeping through grasses sounds sooo delicious!  Don’t you just love the sound of wind making trees creak in a wood or just whistling across an open moor or prairie? 

I love walking in the wind and as long as I am bundled up with a thick, warm sweater and a coat to block the chill I am outside walking!  Our Yoda loves to be outside in the wind, too, his hair and ears blowing back behind his face as he heads into the wind.

Our trip across all those states may have been a busy two weeks but it was one of the best vacations we have ever taken.  This was one of the first trips my husband has been able to go on in a long, long time.  

Happily, he was able to see attend our son and daughter~in~law’s wedding and enjoy this road trip with us.  

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Justine Chapman ~ Amy, our daughter, at far left in lavender
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  1. This post is so timely for me/us. We are weeks away from selling our home in Southern California and moving to the midwest. I have traveled a dozen times in the midwest, and these pictures brings back happy memories of those trips. Thank you for sharing your delight in the beauty of these landscapes…and I am definitely pinning this post!!

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