Super Easy Fabric Pumpkins using Leftover Fabrics

Good morning, Everybody!
Out on the Internet right now
 Fall Crafts are just
falling like leaves!
seeing all these wonderful ideas got me excited
to try and make a few fabric pumpkins
of my own
to share with you!

Designing something totally from scratch
isn’t always something that I can just do
however that being said
I am really good at taking an idea
and running with it!
It popped into my head late last week
{after I’d been out on Pinterest pinning away}
that one of my favorite fabrics might make a
unique soft pumpkin ~
something a little different than
what others have created…

Most of my fabric is packed away however

I bought this French Blue Toile recently
to create a new 
Dog Bed Cover
for our Pekingese Yoda
so I had a bunch of fabric leftover.
I also had purchased a red toile and
decided to use that fabric, too.
I do like the oranges and reds and browns
and gold colors of fall
I’m really more of a soft summer colors
kinda gal and that’s why I chose these colors.

I began seeing all those precious pumpkins
out on other blog sites and there on Pinterest.
I saw pretty pumpkins made out of burlap
and luxuriously soft pumpkins
made out of velveteen
and that’s what gave me the idea to make
Toile de Jouy 
fabric pumpkins.

I had also seen some fabric pumpkins
over on internet friend
Janet Coon’s Pinterest page
which she had made for her shop several years ago
created out of pink chenille with pink yarn tied
around the stems…
soooo cute!
You’ll have to check them out under her Pinterest site
or under my Pinterest site in my Holiday section
{Here is a link to her actual blog ~ thought you’d like to see this, too!}

Super Easy 
Fabric Pumpkins


* Cut out a rectangle {or circle} of fabric to the size you’d like ~
you may want to pre~fold up the fabric to judge approximately
how large the pumpkin will be when stuffed and sewn ~
in case you want to resize BEFORE cutting the fabric.

Just and FYI…
**The red toile ended up being too tall, so I cut some off
and that became the smallest pumpkin.
**The blue toile pumpkin was created with a wider width
to begin with than the red one. 

* Turn fabric right~side in and sew one end and the side
closed if creating a pumpkin from a rectangle of fabric
sew around the outer edge of the circle and 
bring up this running stitch.
Trim seam allowances as needed.

*Using a 6″ doll/craft needle {which has a really large eye} ~ thread with whatever material/thread/jute string you’d like sew around the outer circle to create the top. **For these I ended up just sewing the cording to the top and bottom with a smaller upholstery needle as the jute was wrapped on and pulled taught.
The photograph to the left shows the crazy
crossing of the jute cording.  Happily this was covered by lace afterwards.  {The large doll needle I have is in storage somewhere…}
The photograph above shows the bottom of the red toile pumpkin
and how the jute cording was crossed and was sewn to the fabric.

*Stuff with polyester fluff material or leftover
fabric pieces and sew closed.

*Hot glue in a real dried pumpkin stem or any
cut piece of branch, dowel, etc.

I went on a walk with Hubby and Yoda and
found this nice branch early this evening!
A couple of quick cuts later the “stem” for
the blue toile pumpkin was ready.

Gorgeous setting sun as these photos were shot last evening.

* After finishing closing the top of your pumpkin,
decorate with ribbons, jewelry pieces, and lace 

to your heart’s content!

Hope you have enjoyed this fall pumpkin craft tutorial!
As always, feel free to share.
Also, I’d love it if you’d “follow along!”  
Have a wonderful 
rest of your week!
I’m going to sign off now and 
go make a few more.

Happy fall, ya’ll!
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