Inside Magnolia Farms ~ The Silos

Two weeks ago or so
We visited 
Magnolia Market ~ The Silos
over in Waco, Texas
I didn’t get to show you the inside scoop…

My daughter shot this as we were driving by and Mom is calling out, “Amy, get that!”  She was shooting a bunch of photos for Mom that day… Happily, she captured the Gaines’ cool sign!!!  🙂
Today I thought I should get around to sharing inside
Magnolia Market ~ The Silos
owned by
Chip and Joanna Gaines
of HGTV fame.
If you remember, I first shared a hint about going to 
The Silos 
when I shared this gorgeous restroom
Joanna and her team created
which is just inside the bakery 
which is to the right and front of The Silos themselves.
That post was called:
Shopping at… HGTV’s Magnolia Farms!
You can find that post

Love this sweet saying up on the wall!
Here’s The Silos “backyard” with little resting chairs and lost of
swings for keeping young and old happy and entertained!

Lots of people were shopping that day…

Apparently, The Silos had just opened
It was really a blessing at all and probably a
God thing
{Thank you, Lord! :)}that we just happened to be there when they 
were only
opened for just a few weeks.

I had received an email from
Magnolia Farms
but hadn’t thought a thing about it or going
since I had no idea where we would be in Texas
or when, for that matter.
The checkout counter
Love all the industrial lighting, the cement counters on the fixtures…

Okay, I have to admit  I went crazy taking photos
but I wasn’t the only crazy person there shooting photos
of this and that, so I feel okay about that!
I left one of my 
French Ethereal
cards so they could see how their store turned out from this end.
Hope they like it!
Call me Chip or Joanna if you’d like me to share some photos! ~ 
Wouldn’t THAT be a hoot!?
I featured this wonderful cotton~on~the~vine wreath on my FB page…

I could have taken home one of everything
but of course
we live in our Tiny Home now
and not all that would fit.
I bought a couple of Magnolia Farms tea towels, 
three kitchen timers that are
the cutest!!!
That’s for another post…

Ooooh! Loved this creamware… sigh!

The staff had all these little rosemary and lavender soaps put out.  
Prices were good and Joanna has created a candle that was moderately priced and the scent was heavenly!
Alas, burning candles in our Tiny House 
is a No No…

I ended up buying two of the Magnolia Farms hats ~ 
one for Hubby and one for my father~in~law
as they both have enough t-shirts.
I know this is hard to see but these carved wooden
blocks are pedestals…

Couldn’t you just see this on your table
with books, a candle
and perhaps some flowers
on top??

And, of course the trademark 
magnolias! There’s more to share but that’ll have to be
for another day.  This post has been pretty long already.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour
Magnolia Market ~ The Silos!
I do hope you get to go sometime or at the very least
visit their shop online.
I’ll be sharing soon about the other things I found
and those cute kitchen timers three!!!

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Blessings to you,

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