Playing With Flowers ~ Daisies and Pink Gypsophilia

These beauties 
just jumped into my cart today
as I was going along getting groceries…

After getting all the groceries
put away….
It was time to play!
I spent the better part of an hour 
or more 
arranging and rearranging 
daisies and gypsophilia {baby’s breath}.
I should have finished putting away the dry dishes
the alure of playing with flowers was too great.
You know how it is…
First you play with them in the sink
cutting the stems and arranging them just so
the cutting begins…
Certainly I have to play with the setting
and move each stem around in the vase,
in this case a
Nalgene bottle
because in our Tiny House
I cannot find that vase I bought recently
for the life of me!

I’m thinking I didn’t pick one up at 
the local thriftshop afterall
but rather 
I bought one for my son and his bride
when I was back visiting in May as they were 
getting ready to graduate
from college…
No matter!
The Nalgene bottle is heavy and perfect for today’s
grand bouquet!
Once I began, I wasn’t sure if I liked the two flowers together…
I wasn’t sure if they were fighting each other
but once I got the gypsophilia short enough
then the bouquet
That’s when I decided that we needed a little one
in the powder room!
So this cutie patootie came along
plus there were a ton of both flowers leftover.

Happy Friday
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