Flowers of the Midwest and West

Sweet garden outside our hotel in Kyle, Texas

Today’s post is

about all the sweet gardens found
all over on our trip!

First stop:
After our first stop overnight, we ended up driving from just
on the edge of California into Arizona.
Getting gas in a little town
I found a store selling tamales and this was their storefront.
Loved this little pot of geraniums just 
massively blooming 
and not bothered by the heat of the day!
Carlsbad Caverns, NM
I found these gorgeous pink tulip~type plants
(notice how technical I am… 😉 )
The leaves and branches remind me of a type of heather
we have that can take the heat and lives quite nicely
in Southern California.
This plant is commonly called Kangaroo Paws for the little “paws” that bloom all along the branches.

 Rest stops along the freeways in New Mexico and Texas had gorgeously manicured gardens and nice picnic shelters in which to take a good rest before travelling onward.  The rest stop to the left was found when we were out of Austin somewhere and heading north towards Oklahoma.
The crepe myrtle trees (above right) were found in Fredericksburg, Texas and don’t they look incredible next to the brick walls of that building? Love those green shutters!!!

These birds were singing away as I walked by 
after visiting one such rest area.
Their next is just to the right in the tree.
Literally, I just looked up and there they were!

More gorgeousness!
Found these roses in Texas and remembered 
there is a group of folks
who call themselves Rose Rustlers…
I seriously thought about cutting off a small cutting
to take home and try to regrow
but I didn’t… 

We spent the most time 
in Texas 
when we were getting our daughter settled
before heading north to South Dakota for our son’s wedding.
I found these bright sunflowers strewn in a 
drainage ditch area one morning when 
I was out walking with Yoda.
Aren’t they lovely?

This banana tree was completely surprising!
Banana trees live all over 
Southern California
but I haven’t seen any actually producing bananas…
It was cool to see this one with its baby bunches
soon to be sweet fruit beginning to ripen!
This other flowering plant…
I’ve never seen one like it.
Well, that’s all for now.
If you happen 
to know 
the names of any of these plants are
that I haven’t named, please let me know 
and I’ll add that information to this post.  

As always, feel free to share this or any other of
my little “ramblings.”
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Thanks again for 
stopping by!
Have a great weekend,

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