I’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling… Dressing Up a Chandelier Project

You know when you’ve lost
that lovin’ feeling?

Just like Maverick
Tom Cruise’s character in the movie
Top Gun…

Well, I have NOT been feeling the love
for our kitchen chandelier…
There’s nothing really wrong with it.
It has a nice cylinder shade.
{Been thinking about recovering it
but not sure about that yet.}
It just needs SOMETHING.

At Christmas time last year
I added a big crystal with faux 
mistletoe and red berries
which was replaced 
with this 
white version
in January.
The generic brass chandy at our last house all gussied~up!
I began adding crystal pieces
to our dining room 
chandeliers some twenty years ago.
I used to pick up little antique/vintage teardrop~
shaped crystals when I went with friends to 
flea markets and antique stores.
Then I found some sold through
a company selling reproductions through
decorating/shelter magazines.
That’s where I got the crystal swags and
many of the teardrops
shown on our last home’s chandy.

So today we’ll be looking at
dressing up
a generic chandelier…

~ Mini Chandy Decorating Project ~

Supplies you’ll need:
*Crystals you’d like to add onto your
generic chandelier

*Repurposed old white coat hangers or new craft wire
(if you prefer a cleaner look)

*3/8″ wide decorative ribbon ~ the same as you’d use
to tie on packages or use as an ornament hanger.
I chose iridescent white as I just
how pretty this ribbon is
it sparkles!!!

* wire cutters and/or needlenose and regular pliers

* measuring tape and/or metal retractable tape measure
to get the hanging circle’s circumference.

Here are the inner workings 
of our mini chandelier which is directly over
our kitchen table in our 
“Tiny House” 
our Coleman 27’4″ trailer.
We switched out the burned~out
incandescent bulbs
and replaced them with LEDs.
We decided upon soft~white as I like
that type of lighting better
especially during the evenings;
turned out to be the
perfect choice!
Soooo much less heat
with these babies!!!

Here’s the lower end showing how
I took a gold coat hanger and cut off a piece
repurposing it into an S~hook
to hang the repurposed
Christmas ornament.
These are the crystals I found over at 
Second Impression Palace
antique store in 
Marshall, South Dakota.
If you’d like to read more about my visit to
this wonderful antique mall 
just click on the 
store name above. 

How to make it:
* Measure the inside diameter of your fixture, divide by 2.
That gives you the radius.  From there, divide this again by half
This will be roughly where you’ll want this new
you are creating to
once it’s hanging.

* Use a string or cloth measuring tape to roughly “eyeball measure” the
outside circumference of this “ring.”  Cut some wire to fit this circumference
length with extra to bend around to secure the ring.

* Unwind hangers and cut the hangers into lengths needed
to hang your various crystal ornaments.

* First, bend pieces into an “S” shapes as these will become the
hangers by which you’ll hang the “inner ring.” Wire these onto the ring frame.
{for this chandelier I needed three to hang off the three inner arms}.
See the photograph below~right.

* Hang the rest of your drops either using more homemade “S” hangers
~ or with ~
purchased decorative S~shaped Christmas ornament hangers
Here as Christmas ornaments arrive in hobby stores is
the perfect time to buy these!
I’ve had good luck
buying beautiful decorative ornament hangers at:
Target and Walmart.

* I’ve strung ribbon through the holes in the tops of the remaining crystal drops
to hang as I’d like more sparkle!

Eventually, I’ll probably replace my 
homemade hangers
with prettier machine~made
Christmas ornament hangers
but for now
this will
put the flame out 
that lost lovin’ feeling
get this chandelier back
flying high!!!!!

Happy Wednesday to you!

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