Antiquing ~ Second Impression Palace, Mitchell, SD

What makes the heart
go pitter~patter?
That excited feeling one gets 
when you KNOW
 there could be
Something out there really special just
waiting for you
to find it…

Second Impressions Palace Antique Mall

(605) 996-1948

You know that feeling when it hits you full force
at least it does me!

Last week as we were driving across the
prairies in South Dakota
we kept seeing road signs for
an antique mall in Mitchell.
We decided to stop and check it out!

I found lots of older camera equipment at 
Second Impressions
perfect for that person 
who is a collector of such goodies.
My son began collecting a few pieces
especially older lenses 
as they can often be adapted 
to work with today’s digital cameras.
Two summers ago, we found a 1970’s~era 
camera body, several lenses for that model and
a flash at an estate sale.
My son was very excited that weekday
when I came home and woke him up 
to go back with me to take a look.  
This is always a score in our book!

I love this darling little pillow!
Wouldn’t it be cute 
with other vintage pillows
in delicious shabby shades
sea foam green, soft pinks and sky blues?

Of course there were lots of vintage and 
antique books to peruse ~ I found a number of vintage 
Hardy Boys Mysteries
as well as this 
Harper’s Third Reader.
The stories within are good still and its fun to read
these hundred~year~old school books
to see what life was like back then!
Vintage books are also wonderful to decorate with ~ 
stack them to raise items creating height or
balance in a tablescape ~ 
anything which needs a little boost 
when you are decorating a shelf or mantel.
True antiques these former gas chandeliers
now electrified would look wonderful hanging in a 
period or transitional home.
Surprisingly not much china was available
as I overheard the shopkeeper tell someone that
tea sets weren’t selling well…
A shame really as I found this tea set to be quite charming!
Shopping this time for me had to be easily
packable and small since we were full in the car
so the crystal chandelier pieces
a packet of silver-plate knives
and these two door escutcheons are all the antiques
that came back with me from this trip.

Finally, the last and the pièce de resistance
a mantel unlike any I have seen anywhere ~
If I could have forked over the $895 price
I would have in a heartbeat…
This is actually three separate pieces: the mantel piece,
the greenish patinaed metal insert
and a metal medallion of a woman down below.
All lovely and beyond my budget… sigh!
So now you know what makes my heart skip a beat
and makes me swoon.
Anything here make you swoon, too?
Happy antiquing,
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