Elements of Design ~ Transitional Style Decor and How to Get the Look

Transitional decor is one of if not the hottest decorating style these days and though it may be hard to define ~ you’ll know it when you see it.  

By that I mean you know how when you walk into a home and instantly you feel welcomed and at home?  Transitional decor may be the key so today we are talking how to get that look…

So what is transitional decor?

Transitional decor is the blending of traditional style decorating and architecture with its use of woods in furniture and neutral colors with the more modern glass and chrome interiors and minimalism we often associate with the Atomic era of decorating.

I looked up a definition for you and found this post by a builder which says:

“The transitional style uses a mix of textured materials such as wood, lacquer, fabric, metal, or steel to add depth, appeal to the senses, and help balance the overall aesthetic. Stealing from modern-contemporary architecture, most transitional homes use clean lines and minimalism in their design.”                May 20, 2017   Sandy Spring Builders blog.com

With that definition you can see in the photograph above the classic traditional style of this chair and bench set surrounding a traditional style painted wood table. The lighting fixture overhead is metal with frosted glass shades and the soft fabric element is brought in by the addition of neutral curtains at the sliding door and the bolder geometric placemats.  We get the metallic chrome look of modern style with the “Give Thanks” on the dining room wall.

I love this table with its classic style but it has a little secret to share.  

The top has a wood grain look but is really a lightly grooved laminate sheet ~ perfect for a young family!  This edgy top makes for easy clean up for spills and is also perfect for playing cars and Legos on its surface.  No scratches like with a traditional wood tabletop and it is self healing!  🙂

Texture and metals

Bringing up our lead photo again, this setting is also transitional as you see the play of texture in the sofa, the carpet and the throw on the sofa with its darker neutral colors.  Metals are introduced with the modern metal base side table, the shadow box frames and the tree branch wall decor.  The nubby texture of the carpet with its giant diamond pattern adds another layer to the mix.  

This is my son and daughter-in-love’s home and they are still newly married (just two years) so they are still adding pieces to their home as they find the right look.


To keep this in the transitional style, a coffee table with a chrome base and oval glass top would give keep this area light and airy.  Adding in an oval or round table would bring in another transitional element with the addition of something curved.

If they decided to add a wood coffee table this would give this room more of a traditional feel.  Simply changing the style of furniture can make a room lean one way or another ~ part of the fun in decorating!  

When I was at High Point Market last fall I saw some great tables which would compliment this room’s decor.  Although this is an entryway or sofa table the furnishings at Eloquence have a light look to them that carries over to the transitional style beautifully.

I found a chunky metal base coffee table with an oval wood top one online at Pottery Barn.  Another fun rectangular table on their site has sleek gold legs and gold metal top surrounding its glass top ~ very contemporary!

Mixing the old and new ~ contemporary sandblasted green glass bottles with antique pharmacy bottles turned lavender from sitting in the sunlight.

Glass and wood

Any of these coffee tables linked above check the box for transitional decor with their light and airy glass tops and metal bases.  Adding in a metal base gives them that edgy modern industrial look.  Not sure if either of the linked photographs will appear ~ fingers crossed.  🙂

My daughter-in-law loves contemporary stenciled sayings on wood and has several scattered throughout their home.  Here she has mixed burlap and a wood sign with those glass bottles, and metals in the black chicken wire garden trug and the tin flower vase on the bottom shelf.

Texture plays a big part in the vignette Justine created in this bookcase secretary created for her by her father.

I love how the new side table and the clean lines of the sofa and barrel chair mix comfortably with this antique Singer sewing machine ~ a gift to Justine from a coworker.

Traditional heart with contemporary soul ~ keeping those family heirlooms and traditional pieces but creating that transitional style with that mix of modern and vintage.  

So if you are feeling the need to freshen up your own decor try bringing in a couple of new pieces with a little metal and glass to change your room or home to today’s transitional style.

And as the sign on the wall says, they are truly blessed and you will be too.

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thank you.

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Winter Photography Fun in the Fall… More From South Dakota

How much  is that doggie in the window?  So sings the song and it was especially apropos on this early fall snow day at our son and daughter-in-love’s home.  
Our trip to South Dakota just a short time ago was plumb packed with apple picking, 
Mall of America shopping and lots of photographic moments like this one.

Come along as we enjoy a little fall snow fun!…

Snow is  enchanting when there is just a dusting of it on the ground ~ it is a bit magical with each tiny snowflake sparkling as the sun peaks through the clouds and sets it aglow.
Our son and daughter-in-law’s dogs were excited to go out and play in the snow as was I.

 Snow is also fun to enjoy from a dog’s point of view.

Luna ~ part Siberian Husky, collie and sheltie, if I remember right.  She has the long nose and a collie’s face with those pale blue husky’s eyes!  Striking!!!

Part of what I wanted to accomplish while I was visiting was to try and capture Luna and Bandit’s expressions.

Bandit ~ like his name, he is hard to photograph.  A bit shy and very quick, I had to focus on his body where I thought his face would be later and click-click to get him to turn.  Love this of him!

I started taking pictures the first morning after we arrived.

This photo of Luna I had to sharpen ~ she moved ever so slightly as the shutter clicked.  Also added a bit of blue to her eyes, backed off the whites and highlights.  Decreased the blacks.  🙂
The lead photograph for this post says it all.
Luna and Bandit are best friends; attached
at the hip.
Where one goes so does the other.

Happy with these pics I then went on to shoot pics
of the October snow day outside.
According to the weatherman this day and snowfall tie the record for the earliest day since recorded snow in Sioux Falls history.

This was just a study of leaves and eaves.
Ha ha, pun not intended.

I love how the snow highlights the rolled up
garden hose…

Pristine snow and leaden skies with just a
hint of blue…

The doormat says it all…

A neighbor’s cute entryway.
How much  is that doggie in our homes’ windows
waiting patiently for us to return each day ~ our best sparkling home decor ever??


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If you missed Photography Lessons at the Falls of Sioux Falls or apple picking at Country Apple Orchard just click on these highlighted sections.  🙂

Sweet doggie dreams,

Photography Lesson at The Falls of Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls  is a beautiful place all year long as I’ve seen first-hand on my trips out there these past years, but the city really sparkles and the parks become just magical places after the first snow falls of the fall/winter season… 
Come along as we explore a bit of fun photography here at The Falls of Sioux Falls, South Dakota…

I really brought up the greens and yellows, pinks and orange a bit and lessened
the blacks to make the writing legible when on screen.  This had been a very
dark photograph originally and in Lightroom I was able to bring up the exposure.
My family  went out and braved the crisp 30 degree weather for a quick morning hike on my husband’s last day there to enjoy the beauty of the year’s first snowfalls and to shoot a little photography

Later in the evening, my son Peter and I did a little editing on photos we had taken as you can see here.
On the left is my photograph just lightly edited to warm up the blue sky and the greens of the trees.
I believe I added just a touch more red to brown up the bridge a little. 

Peter’s photo editing is the photograph on the right and he went in and toned down the whites and highlights and really increased the blue saturation ~ I love how dynamic his photograph is!  By doing so he was able to bring out individual clouds in the sky which was quite cloudy that morning since the snow storm had just blown by.

All editing by both myself and Peter was done using
Adobe Lightroom by the way.

I am not sponsored by Adobe for this in any way but I do like this program very much and all thoughts are my own.  For the full Adobe suite it costs about $400 per year for online updates and includes Lightroom and Photoshop programs.

Here I brought in a lot of blues and left everything else as it was.
I like how dark and moody this shot of the bridge turned out!

In the afternoon just my son and I went to the The Falls to capture the beauty of the fall’s rushing water and other scenes around the park.  We talked shutter speed and aperature a bit then Peter took over shooting the water cascading down the pinkish Proterozoic quartzite.

If you haven’t played around with your camera much you’ll want to try this with your camera on a tripod.

These two shots are almost identical but Peter was working on blurring the water ~ luckily some obliging rocks acted as a tripod so he could turn on the camera’s timer and let the aperature (eye’s iris) stay open longer.
Keep your shutter speed at 100 which makes your images nice and crisp. 
This created the top photo’s “running water” effect.  The photograph below just “stops” the water ~ good but less dynamic.

Playing with the coloring effects ~ increasing or decreasing magenta, blues and greens really changes how a finished photograph looks as you can also see between these two photographs.
The bottom pic shows the colors more as they really are ~ because of the cloudy day the rocks were looking bleached out.
Sioux falls’ rocks really are this pinkish color!

Full running water effect ~ makes for a powerful photograph.  Photographs by Peter E. Chapman
Chapman Wedding Films.com
One last look at the falls at Sioux Falls ~ stunning!

The photographer and his dad.
(think “heart”)

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Places to Visit ~ Country Apple Orchard

Apple picking… Is there anything more fun in the fall than going to a local farm to pick out pretty pumpkins to decorate our homes and porches?  Yes!  When we can add gathering a bushel or two of the juiciest ripe apples fresh from the nearest apple tree…

Fresh baked pies, apple butter, apple salsa and other apple products were available for purchase inside the country store.
One of  the first things we did the day after arriving in Sioux Falls, South Dakota was to take a trip out to a local farm called 
Country Apple Orchard
27249 SD Highway 115
Harrisburg, SD 57032

We picked our own crunchy vermillion-red apples straight off the fullest apple trees I have ever seen.  With names like Honey Gold, Fireside, Red Cortland and Sweet Sixteen, there are apples for baking or for eating straight from the tree.

Spaced sixteen to twenty feet apart in rows, these apple trees created a beautiful allée which beckoned one to enter!
According to Country Apple Orchard’s website, there are about 6000 apple trees and thirteen different varieties to satisfy everyone’s craving for pies and snacking.
We enjoyed a quick trip into the bake shop and store where some of the students visiting from a local preschool were having lunch.  Our son and daughter-in-law picked out a frozen Dutch apple pie to have after dinner and I paid for our small apple bag upfront then went all walked out through the open field to pick our fill of sweet delicious apples.

All aboard!  These students reminded me of the times we took our own children to pumpkin farms over the years. 
We also watched some students, their teachers and chaperones climb aboard a hay wagon for a ride around the farm ~ so fun!
When they returned they picked out pumpkins to take back with them to school and then home.

Time to climb down.  🙂

I just wanted to race about and go for a long walk among the vast number of apple trees, just enjoying their overflowing beauty but the wind was just breezy enough that it quickly we were
getting too cold.
 So we walked to the nearest trees and began picking… I can’t even tell you what kinds we pulled but they are amazingly colorful and so sweet to eat!

My super photographer son Peter took these photos and made
fat old mom look good!

Love the brilliance of all these apples!  Vivid red balls
looking a lot like edible Christmas decorations!!

And here’s one I snapped of Peter and Justine.  🙂 
They are keepers!

So if you are ever in the area, stop by Country Apple Orchard
during the fall’s apple picking season (late September/October) and enjoy a picnic with your family and a fun time gathering apples together and creating memories!

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Antiquing ~ Second Impression Palace, Mitchell, SD

What makes the heart
go pitter~patter?
That excited feeling one gets 
when you KNOW
 there could be
Something out there really special just
waiting for you
to find it…

Second Impressions Palace Antique Mall

(605) 996-1948

You know that feeling when it hits you full force
at least it does me!

Last week as we were driving across the
prairies in South Dakota
we kept seeing road signs for
an antique mall in Mitchell.
We decided to stop and check it out!

I found lots of older camera equipment at 
Second Impressions
perfect for that person 
who is a collector of such goodies.
My son began collecting a few pieces
especially older lenses 
as they can often be adapted 
to work with today’s digital cameras.
Two summers ago, we found a 1970’s~era 
camera body, several lenses for that model and
a flash at an estate sale.
My son was very excited that weekday
when I came home and woke him up 
to go back with me to take a look.  
This is always a score in our book!

I love this darling little pillow!
Wouldn’t it be cute 
with other vintage pillows
in delicious shabby shades
sea foam green, soft pinks and sky blues?

Of course there were lots of vintage and 
antique books to peruse ~ I found a number of vintage 
Hardy Boys Mysteries
as well as this 
Harper’s Third Reader.
The stories within are good still and its fun to read
these hundred~year~old school books
to see what life was like back then!
Vintage books are also wonderful to decorate with ~ 
stack them to raise items creating height or
balance in a tablescape ~ 
anything which needs a little boost 
when you are decorating a shelf or mantel.
True antiques these former gas chandeliers
now electrified would look wonderful hanging in a 
period or transitional home.
Surprisingly not much china was available
as I overheard the shopkeeper tell someone that
tea sets weren’t selling well…
A shame really as I found this tea set to be quite charming!
Shopping this time for me had to be easily
packable and small since we were full in the car
so the crystal chandelier pieces
a packet of silver-plate knives
and these two door escutcheons are all the antiques
that came back with me from this trip.

Finally, the last and the pièce de resistance
a mantel unlike any I have seen anywhere ~
If I could have forked over the $895 price
I would have in a heartbeat…
This is actually three separate pieces: the mantel piece,
the greenish patinaed metal insert
and a metal medallion of a woman down below.
All lovely and beyond my budget… sigh!
So now you know what makes my heart skip a beat
and makes me swoon.
Anything here make you swoon, too?
Happy antiquing,
p.s. ~ As always, feel free to “share” and “like” my little ramblings.  I’m looking at adding 
Mail Chimp to make it easier to send you mail updates of when blogposts publish.  
I do appreciate your comments even though the goofy Google+ thingy says comments are 
“from me”…  Still trying to find that and fix it.  Let me know if you happen to have had the same issue… Thank you!!!
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