North Texas’ Snow-pocalypse/Snowmageddon!!! ~ A Photo Retrospective

“Welcome to Texas weather! Just wait 10 minutes and it’ll change…” I heard this phrase a lot when we first moved here to North Texas in late 2016, and long-time residents weren’t kidding!!! That first year we experienced snow right after Christmas with temps in the teens (in our very thin-walled first trailer ~ not a four-season trailer!), biting “chiggers” (which are really a type of mite), puss caterpillars (a nasty stinging creature which looks like a white cocoon in the grass ~ treat with rubbing alcohol on the skin, btw), stinging nettles and poison ivy…

One of two puppies out on the front porch…
Love the snow on these guys!! Here is the other cement puppy following our real pup, Mr. Yoda, who actually really enjoys snowdays!!! This old tea pot is now used for watering plants ~ a good recycle idea. 😉
Yoda also really enjoys racing back inside for his rub-down with a towel to dry his paws, belly and cheeks, which always get snowy from sniffing for squirrels… ;)’
“It’s cold, Mama!”

Five years on, we are finally getting used to Texas’ swinging weather patterns and even the summer heat and humidity we are warming up to…

With this week’s crazy cold snowstorms across much of Texas, I thought I’d share some of our amazingly beautiful snowy weather with you that we’ve had on this Valentine’s Day and throughout this past week! And I have to tell you, I am so glad to be back up and running with internet. I cleaned around the house on Sunday afternoon, and I could work on crafts, I just haven’t felt like doing much, really. This winter has been all about rest for me and it’s enough to just work in the garden when the weather is nice and to create a few vignettes to share with you.

Have you felt the same this winter season?

Anyway, with notifications about the coming polar vortex broadcast the previous weekend, it was good to finish up planting the hollies and boxwood and get back inside! The garden was as prepped as it could be for this “Snow-pocalypse,” as my friend Kristen called it at school one day.

Snowmageddon for Valentine’s Day and beyond

I haven’t been able to get on the internet since early Sunday morning, so… All the posts I wanted to share for this week are getting out to you late. However, it has been a peaceful, restful week with schools closed down, most businesses throughout North Texas are also closed, no trash pick-up or mail service because they can’t get through, and interruptions in electricity a reality.

Many people are still without any source of heating due to power lines being down, so we are fortunate to have had only a few power outages here in our area. Our main issue is now unsafe drinking water, so we must boil for the time being… Really, a minor inconvenience if there ever was one!

Great job, Ferrell Gas!!! This was Tuesday, 2/16/21.

I did go driving around two days ago to get our 30# propane tank filled in case we needed it for heating (Hubby will set up the tent heater inside our fireplace WITH the flue open!) and/or for cooking outside on the grill. We haven’t needed it, but kuddos major to Ferrell Gas here in Denton, Texas, for their employees! These young men stayed long past their shifts had ended and kept filling bottle-after-bottle of propane for customers!!!

This was only half of the bottles… More were lined up around the corner to my left (where my bottle was). I came back to Ferrell Gas after 7:00pm, after getting some groceries and having some dinner, to see how far my bottle had moved (several customers had stayed most of the day and had helped move bottles forward throughout the day). I helped move bottles forward for the rest of the evening.

Ferrell Gas would get their power on in 1 hour blocks, so the young men could only fill during that golden hour, then they would have to wait until the next time the power was switched on. They needed power to run the gas pumps, but otherwise the gas was flowing just fine!

For those of us still at Ferrell Gas at 8:00pm when the power went off, if you stayed until 9:00pm when the power came on again, the two men filled our bottles as the last for the night, and everyone stayed and helped move ALL of the remaining unfilled canisters inside the barbed wire-enclosed area, keeping them in order of drop-off.

I think this was pretty cool as customers had written their names and telephone numbers on each of their propane tanks and everyone present kept these canisters in order as they were being trudged over, passed forward and moved behind the gated area. The men would fill them all beginning at 7:00am the next morning. There were well over 100 propane canisters left to fill…

City of Denton water trucks fitted with the few snowplows they have. Woot!!!

At the time I was out, Mr. Ethereal kept me updated with power losses so I decided to try and find fast food to bring home… McD had been open but their power was cycling, too (my guess) so I got out of that line, checked Jack in the Box next door but it, too, was cycled off.

KFC was open across the street and doing a booming business ~ it took an hour to get food but everyone waited patiently in line to order. Only a few selections were available, but hey! This beggar wasn’t choosey!!! The chicken was hot and tasty!

One no-no photo when I was slowly driving home… (No one was around…) It was 9:30pm. and the snow was beautiful!!! I couldn’t resist…
A car came into view just as I was taking the time-lapsed photo so the tail end of his lights appear center-back, which I love.

The first big snow…

I can’t remember now if this was Sunday, Valentine’s night (I think so) or the next night, Monday, 2/15/21, but I bundled up and trekked outside to shoot some photos in the 12 degree F weather. The wind wasn’t blowing so the cold wasn’t as biting and it was beautiful…

***ps I found another use for our PPD masks!!! They are great for keeping your face from freezing!

Our backyard (the test photo) under the first snows…
Shooting up the adjacent street in our subdivision… If I’d had a pair of 170cm skiis, boots, bindings and poles, I’d have come down this “bunny hill” for hours!!!
A visitor to our new birdfeeder… Hubby went out Monday around noon and picked up some new birdseed and a bag of sunflower seeds (after this was taken). The cardinals, pyrrhuloxia (a much larger cardinal), sparrows and chickadees are now really happy!
See? It’s a monster bird, these pyrrhuloxia! Must be 8-9″ in length though my bird book says it is a “medium sized bird.” Not these guys! Maybe it is a junco of sorts??
(Taken with my iPhone 7; blown up/resaved)

The Backyard

The first snow storm was a lot of fun and this is what we woke up to on Valentine’s Day with a few flurries throughout the day… Just a few inches of powered sugar snow, which when the sun came out on Monday, it sparkled!

Tuesday afternoon after the night’s second big snowfall.

It’ll be a few weeks before I know if I need to cut down any canes on the roses and what plants didn’t make it, but the roses should be fine. They have been covered with straw or leaves since Saturday and Sunday morning.

Most of the plants I purchased this fall are all cold-hardy down to -20 to -30 degrees, even the new hydrangea. I do have one lavender under straw and under a frost blanket along with the three camellias in the planter under our MBR window. It may or may not make it. I just didn’t have time that last Sunday to dig it up as it was getting dark…

This is partly why I put in the French fence here… To put this urn next to it with its sweet boxwood ball. <3 I hope to find another fencing piece identical to it to put in opposite along the fence, to create an entryway to this garden area.

The lavenders and smaller hydrangeas planted in pots, Mr. Ethereal helped me truck those indoors to the garage on Saturday ahead of the storms. The bougainvillea I already had in the garage along with the two unplanted rosemary plants.

The rosemary topiary and two mini agapanthus are inside the dining room near the windows. I sure hope we can build a new garden shed/greenhouse this year! It’d be a lot easier to haul them in there. 😉

This was definitely the first stormy day as the snow was low in the bowl. Now it looks like a bubble on top!

Our little angel’s head wreath crown is now the brim of her wintertime bun hat! So fun to go out and photograph when it sunny!

Love this photograph of our big girl… Wish I had thought to move the carpet junk out to the trash area just beyond the gate, but oh well!

Going out for milk

Tuesday was bright and cheery! I took Yoda for the shortest of walks around the house but he didn’t want to go far on Valentine’s Day, so he has only gone out for restroom breaks.

Me? I am ready for a hike, friends!!!

Well, this is getting long so I’ll stop here for now!

Hope you have enjoyed this small tour of North Texas snows. It is the coldest it has been here in Texas since 1898 when settlers began keeping records, from one story I heard on the radio.

This IS still considered prairie country so no doubt there have been many, many years of really cold weather before 1898, when these were just windswept prairies… Before all the buildings were built and towns and cities grew up, when just cowboys and cattle roamed the small hills and valleys of Denton County…

Someday when you come to the D/FW area of Texas, come check out the Stockyards down in Fort Worth! Lots of history about Texas’ early cattle-driving days…

Keep warm, friends!

Barb 🙂


Winter Photography Fun in the Fall… More From South Dakota

How much  is that doggie in the window?  So sings the song and it was especially apropos on this early fall snow day at our son and daughter-in-love’s home.  
Our trip to South Dakota just a short time ago was plumb packed with apple picking, 
Mall of America shopping and lots of photographic moments like this one.

Come along as we enjoy a little fall snow fun!…

Snow is  enchanting when there is just a dusting of it on the ground ~ it is a bit magical with each tiny snowflake sparkling as the sun peaks through the clouds and sets it aglow.
Our son and daughter-in-law’s dogs were excited to go out and play in the snow as was I.

 Snow is also fun to enjoy from a dog’s point of view.

Luna ~ part Siberian Husky, collie and sheltie, if I remember right.  She has the long nose and a collie’s face with those pale blue husky’s eyes!  Striking!!!

Part of what I wanted to accomplish while I was visiting was to try and capture Luna and Bandit’s expressions.

Bandit ~ like his name, he is hard to photograph.  A bit shy and very quick, I had to focus on his body where I thought his face would be later and click-click to get him to turn.  Love this of him!

I started taking pictures the first morning after we arrived.

This photo of Luna I had to sharpen ~ she moved ever so slightly as the shutter clicked.  Also added a bit of blue to her eyes, backed off the whites and highlights.  Decreased the blacks.  🙂
The lead photograph for this post says it all.
Luna and Bandit are best friends; attached
at the hip.
Where one goes so does the other.

Happy with these pics I then went on to shoot pics
of the October snow day outside.
According to the weatherman this day and snowfall tie the record for the earliest day since recorded snow in Sioux Falls history.

This was just a study of leaves and eaves.
Ha ha, pun not intended.

I love how the snow highlights the rolled up
garden hose…

Pristine snow and leaden skies with just a
hint of blue…

The doormat says it all…

A neighbor’s cute entryway.
How much  is that doggie in our homes’ windows
waiting patiently for us to return each day ~ our best sparkling home decor ever??


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Sweet doggie dreams,

Snow Day ~ An Early Happy Birthday Present!

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!
Okay, maybe it was just a dusting of 
sugar sprinkled snow
but it was 
best day before my birthday
birthday present!

Clear and cold and waiting for cozy blanket 
of warmth 
with big tanks of propane arriving,
I stepped outside to find tiny flakes of snow 
drifting gently down and soon 
beginning to stick!

With a whole shopping list of errands to run
and some of those goodies needed for
the day’s shoot
I had to go and it was fun driving
around the area
watching the snow dust snaking
across the freeway lanes.

After finding all the things on my list at Winco
and a lovely lunch with a welcoming 
hot cup of tea at Starbucks,
it was nice to come home and go for a
walk out in the newfallen snow!

Yoda has never seen snow nor walked in it.
You can see his reaction here!
{I think he is a little indignant about it all!}
Yoda did warm up to the idea once we
strode out
embracing the crunch
as he raced along his long lead
then racing to catch up to Mom
who was race walking
to keep warm!

I knew this might be a long post
as I only took 147 photographs
that made it into my folder…

{Perhaps a cup of coffee or tea
or a mug of hot cocoa
might be just the ticket as you 
enjoy these pictures!}

Our driveways and the roads in front of them
are hard packed crushed limestone ~
really pretty sugar~kissed with 
their dusting of snow!

“The Girls” were visited by many 
feathered friends!
In one photograph, I counted no less than
46 fluffed up feathered birds!!!
I even tossed out seeds twice today ~
black oiled sunflowers in their shells
the standard bird feeder seed
which everybody was gobbling up
just as fast they could.

I enjoyed watching them scratch through the snow dust
to reach the seeds!

The program isn’t letting me post up any more
photographs for you
so I guess I’ll end this here for today!

Tomorrow I’ll share some of the
table styling photos I took as
kind of my little birthday party
and tie it together with a 
Sunday Sentiments
that I haven’t had 
in a while.

Hope you are snug and warm
in your happy home!
Enjoy the rest of your cuppa.
Blessings to you,
Barb 🙂

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