Style Teachers ~ Meet Sandy and her Style!

Sandy in the cute home she shares with her husband and tuxedo cat Guido!

Sandy is a great friend
and the best cook and baker I know!
So, when she had a 
Valentine’s Tea…

I was ever happy
to come to her ethereal home as I love her decorating style!
She loves Shabby Chic, Victorian, lots of florals
and china with violets or any purplish flower transferred onto
their pretty edges and sides.

Every tea Sandy has is different ~ she NEVER serves the same thing twice!
This is a talent of God, I am sure, and not one that I really have.
She keeps a diary of the different sandwiches, sweets and savories
and desserts she has shared with all of her friends
through the years,
I am always amazed that she hasn’t really duplicated a meal!
She might remake a favorite sandwich but only because
one of us requested it!

taken with my old iPhone 4
Sandy loves purple in all its shades and her guest bathroom
just embodies her Victorian tastes and 
her love of the hue so perfectly!
Sandy knows how to “do Victorian Chic!”
Her former home had a living~dining room whose walls 
were painted
all one shade of lavender, 
with a twist!
Paint tip: She used a paint roller as the “width” of her stripes
then taped~off every other one and used a clear glaze overtop
creating “another color” but really just the same color.
She did this LONG before it became popular
I was sooo in love with those walls!
(when I find my tea photo albums again, I’ll photograph a copy of those walls)

loved this little basket of “fingertip towel roses”

Decorating Tip:
Fingertip Towel Rose ~ tutorial

So easy to create!
* Just fold your washcloths and hand towels in half lengthwise
(you can also fold them into thirds)
* Begin rolling from the end with the tag on it
(if you don’t cut them off; hide any raggedy ends)
* Roll slightly off-center creating “the rose”
* Arrange in your prettiest basket, on a tea tray, 
whatever lovely container you can come up with!

Sandy is one of the original members of the
Victorian Tea Society
and has held various positions on the board.
She is most notably known for hostessing the yearly
Christmas and Spring Teas.
She bakes thousands of scones and lovingly helps set the tables
for each of the attendees.

22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no Law. ~ Galatians 5:22-23

Our table set for tea ~ in the foyer between the kitchen/sitting areas
and the covered patio
We weren’t in her new dining room today, but isn’t it lovely?!
This was her “staging area” for today’s tea.

Sandy’s parlour

I have known Sandy through 

two houses~worth and 17 years (I think!) of time now.
We’ve watched each others children grow up and get married,
we’ve shared a lot of tears and our frustrations
{Funny, the VTS started off that one was NEVER to talk
about anything political, controversial (hah!) or sad (my description)
and of course it evolved into “real life!”}
our love of tea, friendship, decorating, shopping together, loving the same
things and decorating magazines!
And, great friends take care of each other…
Sandy has most of my plants.
The ones you see lately in this blog are all new.
Only the inside violet that lives in the bathroom came
with me to our
“tiny home.”
Sandy opening a little gift from Gloria, seated.

Sandy’s super cute patio with her writing/sewing desk and a daybed for
when one of her two “boys” comes home to visit!

This is Sandy’s shelf that I copied a pattern off of in 1999
to make one for myself.  She recently painted hers white and it is a vintage
piece with “true” 1/4″ thickness of wood (not like today’s 5/8″ pieces).

So as a style teacher,
Sandy has taught me sooo much about being a good hostess,
throwing a fun party and serving delicious dishes
that inspire others to cook!
A true friend with an incredible gift of sharing and 
cooking from the heart, indeed…

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Thank you and have a blessed day!
Keep cooking, my friends!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this visit to see Sandy.

May the Lord 
richly bless you always,

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