Style Teachers ~ Favorite Design Magazines

The giant stash of Romantic Homes magazines 😉

Magazines have been my biggest 
style and interior design teachers
ever since my mother first shared
magazine with me! 

My sister-in-law Linnea may have left 
those first three copies with my mom and dad 
at their home in Connecticut ~ I don’t remember.
I DO remember that Victoria
was the first home decor subscription 
I fell in-love with!
Victoria Magazine
photo courtesy of Hoffman Media

Every home decor magazine 
out there

has passed through this house
at one time or another
many of them that have stayed…

And, I HAVE reread most issues over and over
seeing new ideas
new inspiration
each time I’d peruse their glossy pages.
{okay, some drool may have occurred, too.}

The newest edition {April 2016} of Romantic Homes magazine
photo courtesy of Engaged Media

I have every issue of
Romantic Homes magazine
except for a few July issues
{I wasn’t a big fan of the red, white and blue issues ~
being a Shabby Chic/French kinda girl, though
I am a die-hard American and I like my flag!}

Romantic Homes magazine is one of my all-time favorites.
I’ve loved all the editors
over the years and they became “my friends” 
without them knowing me personally.
(has this happened to you, too?)
I was saddened recently when 
Jacqueline deMontravel
announced her time was done at the magazine,
Not to fear as she is still piloting several other

courtesy of Engaged Media

Happy Days for me when my favorite
shelter magazine editors are still writing
and I can continue following their style!
{I promise I.am.not.a.stalker!} 
Just happy reading their columns and 
seeing what’s the latest and loveliest
home decor out there today!

Then there’s Prairie Style
founded and edited by the wonderful
Fifi O’Neill
whom I had the pleasure of meeting on
Valentine’s Day 2015 at 
in Ocean Beach, San Diego.
{I can’t believe it’s already been more than a year now!}

photo courtesy of Country Sampler Presents Prairie Style

Ms. O’Neill is founder and editor of Prairie Style magazine, a special publication put out by Country Sampler magazine

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You can read all about Fifi and 
my trip to Vignettes


And, I might as well mention
my absolute ~favorite~magazine~ever~since~it~came~to~stores
Romantic Country
of which Ms. Fifi O’Neill is also editor: 

I wait patiently
{okay, not really}
for the next volume to come out of Romantic Country magazine
then I race home, pour a cup of tea,
and wander off into dreamland!
My small goals?
To be able to write and photograph for these favorite

What I love about shelter magazines is 
all the photographs! Seeing how homeowners
put their rooms together, what draperies they used
and where they put their furniture.
It’s like Big Girl Doll House Decorating
for me!

Then there’s that “thing”
that HAS to happen…

Once a year agonize over 
going through the monster collection
and culling issues I think I will never read again.
Am I sure?
What if right after I send them on their way
I realized there’s a photograph I needed 
for my scrapbook of inspiration?!
As tough as this always is
it’s so necessary because those three big bookcases
that lined our hallway downstairs couldn’t hold any more
decorating magazines
and Hubby threatened to go through
them for me!

The good thing is there are always
new home decor magazines out every month at our local
bookshops and grocery stores
to fill~in those gaps left after
“old friends”
have left the fold!!!

In closing, I have loved 
Country Living, both the 
American and the British versions.
I’ve kept Christmas issues from
these and from
Country Homes and Traditional Home.
I’m sure new styles and magazines
unknown will be published.
But I will always have a special place in my heart for
these beloved magazines
whose pictures I’ve shared with you.

I’ve learned soooo much and 
have enjoyed seeing
how people’s rooms and homes 
have evolved
as favorite homeowners’ rooms are shared 
across magazines, time and again.

So, keep on teaching, dear magazines
and we’ll keep on reading and dreaming!
Blessings to you,
Barb 🙂

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think on these things. ~ Phillipians 4:8, Berean Study Bible

***Please share with me your favorite magazines and why
it is you like them!
I love hearing from you and am hopeful
I’ve gotten most of the bugs out of the “comments” section
though it still wants to post your comments as me…
I’ll keep working on that.  🙂

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