Spring Blooms ~ Color Choice Inspirations

I pass this “Queen Anne” home (just out of the picture) and it’s covered patio next to the garage
at least once a week and this year the owner was outside…
I saw his wisteria madly blooming, screeched the car to a halt, jumped out and asked if  it would be
alright to snap a few photos.  Gloriously dripping with lavender blooms ~ I was blown away!  

“Ethereal blooms

Verdant in light
Wave coquettishly
To all in sight…”

Barb Chapman, your blog author, 
April 2016

Ethereal spring!
Verdant with blooms magical…
Doesn’t your heart feel light when spring erupts 
in this majestic massive menagerie of blooming hysterics??

[F]lowers… adorn our lanes, fields and fells, and… smile upon us and cheer and bless us in our country rambles…. the lovely blossoms… kiss the clear brooks and mountain wells… ~James Rigg, “Preface,” Wild Flower Lyrics and Other Poems, 1897

I know I’ve shared this photo via Instagram, but I hadn’t yet 
shared it on my little rambling blog, so today I thought I’d 
share this “bougainvillea bouquet” in its pick~up~truck~vase 
with you!
When I think about colors, especially
here in the spring,
I think about how much these colors influence our
design decisions:
what we are going to buy and wear this year,
what fabrics we will pull out of our textile piles and sew,
or new textiles we will buy from the fabric store to fashion
into new pillow covers or tablecloths.
And, I like to think about what colors we will put on our walls
when what was that perfect shade of paint
no longer looks so fresh and inviting…

Just turn to God’s wonderful 
floral creations for renewed inspiration!
Isn’t it magnificent that there are soooo many color 
choices and color combinations in flowers at our supermarkets
and at flower markets around the world?
I use these offerings as major sources of inspiration
when I head to the store to get a new can of paint!
When I visited England in 2005 and saw varieties of tulips 
with ruffles and colors I had never before seen in America,
I was in no doubt as to why the tulip mania of 1636 – 1637 
occurred.  Speculators helped drive up prices for tulip bulbs to 
incredible heights only to cause the world’s first
financial “bubble.”  
I was totally inspired in my decorating upon coming home
and spent a good part of that year making floral chair covers
for my dining room chairs using colors found in
those tulips, though my favorite flower pattern is roses!
I also painted several rooms that year!
Sometimes its the blooms we encounter growing uncared for 
out in some hidden meadow, or those blooms found in our 
neighbor’s yard that give our souls such happiness
and inspirations.
I confess that my favorite colors are the ones
seen in these photos.  Your favorite colors might be found
in other flowers, or just in other rose or lilac hybrids.
And, that’s okay.
It’s good to know yourself and your tastes
when it comes to color inspiration.
Find your flower with its blaze of color and use it to fuel
your creativity!
[F]lowers… adorn our lanes, fields and fells, and… smile upon us and cheer and bless us in our country rambles…. the lovely blossoms… kiss the clear brooks and mountain wells… ~James Rigg, “Preface,” Wild Flower Lyrics and Other Poems, 1897
Let these beauties be your inspiration!
Changing colors within our homes
should be fun and a source of happiness!
Our new yard, for however long… 😉
So as spring blooms brighten your day, 
let their magic work on renewing you…
Roll a little paint, sew a few new things this year ~ be inspired!
Blessings to you always,
Barb 🙂
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