Places to Visit… Evelyn Hallman Park, Tempe, Arizona

Ethereal daisy-like flowers on a wild lamb’s ear-type plant
Springtime in Arizona
is really pretty!

I am no good at growing desert plants, but 
love the wildflowers
one finds out in America’s beloved deserts!!!
Amazing earth-colors!

My husband and I drove out to Tempe, Arizona

for the weekend
to see our son and his track team

When the meet was all over, and before we drove home
on Sunday,
Hubby and I drove around trying to find a
living desert garden
I had found two years ago.

We didn’t exactly find the one I knew was close by, 
but we did find the
Evelyn Hallman Park!

Just over the Salt River there in Tempe,
this little oasis
is an ethereal little fishing place!
Quite a few young men and some older men with their children or families
were taking advantage of the fishing.
It was around 10:30am
and the day was beginning to get hot,
so the fishing was probably done for the morning, 
but these folks were happy just casting away…

We saw another sign that said each adult 

could catch
 two of each type of fish ~ trout and catfish, I believe
(except perch, of which one could catch five!)
each day.
My son would be in fishing heaven!!!

Students, retirees, and families 
were out 
running, hiking and bicycling 
around the lake
and onto trails 
which wind beyond the lake 
and onto lands owned by the 
local water treatment plant/company.

We spent an hour or so walking here and there

with me photographing
wildlife, the scenery and fauna in spring bloom!
Hubby even took a few photos of me.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little

Tempe, Phoenix, Chandler and Scottsdale
are all right next to each other
and are lovely places to visit in late fall, winter and spring.

Blessings to you,

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