Easter Blessings!

You know, when I started
French Ethereal
last summer…

It was totally on faith 
that I even started blogging and I hoped that
it might be blessed
but I especially hoped it to
be a blessing 
to You!!!

I had spoken with my friend Lisa
before our Easter/Spring break,
and she had been interested in going with me to the annual 
combined churches of our valley’s
Cross Walk.
This year, our school break coincided with us being able to 
attend the big Cross Walk!
it was really with great joy that I got up early 
and started the day on Good Friday with
just a quick 30 minute
Calvary Chapel of Murrieta.

Pastor Brian Bell of Calvary Chapel of Murrieta, CA, is about to give a morning prayer before everyone heads out on the Cross Walk on Good Friday! He is the man in the red shirt on the right.

Good Friday is remembered for being the day
that Jesus took all of our sins to the cross.  

When I began this blog, I wanted to always
have a little Faith to share with all of you!
It’s way out of my comfort-zone to share this with you,
it’s something that 
I believe
very strongly about ~ getting to know Jesus
through the Word,
so I am happy to share Friday’s walk with you!!!

Lisa and Yours Truly in a little “selfie.”
The walk began next to the 
Temeku Theaters
in Temecula, California
then everyone walked along Ynez Road to Overland Overpass
and crossed over Jefferson Avenue heading south to Sam Hicks Park.
Volunteer policemen and retirees were stationed to help us cross 
the intersections safely. 
I don’t know how many people
walked the route, 
but there were perhaps 
several thousand!
Rancho Community Church’s worship team sang for everyone at Sam Hicks Park in Temecula.  They sang one of my favorite worship songs, Amazing Love by Hillsong.  The man below is carrying a cross draped with a lovely purple cloth across its shoulders.  The sign on the cross says INRI ~ Jesus, King of the Jews.

It was a quiet time 
for some 
and a loud, whooping time
for other folks!
The pastor from 
Rancho Community Church

gave the final speech and prayer at the park.

All in all

a great day!

  1. Iesus Nazarenus Rex IudaeorumINRI
  1. INRI is an acronym meaning Iesus Nazarenus Rex Iudaeorum, or “Jesus the Nazarene, the King of the Jews.” The actual inscription on the Cross was written in three languages, Latin, Greek and Aramaic. We know from Scripture that what was actually written was “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews”.Dec 6, 2012

 ***Please check out the New Testament books of 
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John 
for accounts of Jesus’ actual week leading up to and including dying on the cross.  It was for real that He rose again here on Easter Sunday.  Over five hundred people got to see and talk with him over the next 40 days after He arose from the grave on Easter Sunday.  At the cross, though, Jesus said seven different things to different people, including asking his cousin, John the Baptist, to take care of his mother for him.  Jesus’ final words were, “It is finished.” This means that He finished what He came to do: be our sin offering to God for us and to be our “bridge.”
We just have to believe…
Blessings to you and your family and friends this lovely, holy day!!!

Happy Easter to you!!

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