After Easter Tea…

Yesterday I was inspired while out cutting roses
to set up a little tea table for you!

I had wanted to set up our dining room table
with a cute Easter-themed tea,
due to fixing things around the house,
that just didn’t happen.

Then yesterday while I was out clipping some of the long
canes to tidy the
Cecile Brunner climber,
I saw all of the lovely blooms on our
Winchester Cathedral 

You know when a rose bursts into bloom
and it is just calling your name.
that was what happened.

The Winchester Cathedral standard is the tall rose to the left along the fence, and to its right is a Mary Rose in between the WC and the monster Cecile Brunner climber.

Snip, snip, snip…

clip, clip, clip…

A quick trip inside to reclip stems under water,

plunk into a favorite vase,



Then a little birdie
onto the table…

A sweet little bird I found last year at Michael’s Craft Store.  I bought a green one for my daughter and this one for me. 
And that’s how it happened…

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