Making a Potted Ivy Topiary

photos courtesy of Fixer~Upper featuring Magnolia Farms store and construction team of Chip and Joanna Gaines ~ photographed
off my television.

I was watching HGTV
and became 
inspired today to 
get out in the garden!

I thought these pots would be perfect flanking the front door and would look nice with their lions & swags.

Mid-morning, I was out back working on
the patio cover again.
(Still filling holes, priming and finish painting the other half ~ whew!)
When it grew hotter, I came in for lunch
some rest,
and a little of my favorite programs!


My new favorite show is called
a really cute home buying/improvement
show with
Chip and Joanna Gaines
out of Waco, Texas!

***Update 2017: I DID get to go to Magnolia Market
a couple of years later during the summer of 2016.
Click on the highlighted pink above and Here for the two posts
I wrote about my trip there!

p.s. Still loving their show as I imagine you are, too!

While watching this couple
refinishing several houses, Chip was out 
in the owners’ gardens
putting in plants creating nice
curb appeal.
I became totally inspired!!!

Around 4:00p.m. the temperature outside was 
finally down to 85 degrees

I gathered my little hand-trowel, a hammer, our drill and the 1/4″ ceramic drill bit and drilled through the bottoms 
of two large pots I found earlier this summer
at an estate sale.
This was going to help greatly by
creating better drainage.

For some reason, these pots weren’t originally
drilled out, so they needed this done.

To create the topiary form:

  • Grab a tomato cage you have lying around for the form.
  • Put gravel or broken clay pot pieces into the bottom of your clean pot.
  • Fill with new potting mix, leaving room for topping-off after you’ve planted the ivy clippings.
  • Clip another ivy’s trailing vines, take off about 4″ of leaves from the stem, insert into soil, tamp.
  • Keep adding long vines to the pot, taking tendrils up and over the cage. Can weave some through and around other vine pieces.
  • Give your newly potted topiary some B1 to help prevent shock and to aid the creation of roots. 
  • Enjoy!!!

Will Share photos later
as this topiary
fills in.

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Happy to have you come along!***

Happy planting!

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