How to Repair Shutters

It’s easy to repair shutters that have lost their staples ~ just wood glue, new staples, and some painter’s tape to hold it all together.

Recently I decided to fix our downstairs shutters.
We have really tall 3″ shutters on doors over our
12′ long triple picture window in the family room.
They are wonderful at blocking out the heat in the summer
and wonderful at letting in light in the winter.

But, over 22 years from when the original homeowners, and now our family,
have lived in this house,
these shutters needed some TLC.

I gathered wood glue, a pair of pliers and half-inch horseshoe staples.
I used the pliers to carefully pull off some staples.
These I gently tapped into the holes of the shutters’ slats, 
using wood glue to secure them.

You have to also keep in mind NOT to push them in too far or they won’t 
open and close properly.
Check one of your good shutters to see how far 
to set in your staples. 
Also, if your lifting bar that connects to your shutter doors has
fallen off 
(like one of ours had),
then glue and tap staples into the bar first,
thread the opposite staple through the bar-staples,
and glue and tap them into place on the shutter door.
This took quite a bit of time, 
but it wasn’t hard!
I used painter’s tape to hold the staples and cracked wood pieces 
securely together.
After 24 hours, 
take off the painter’s tape and lightly prime and repaint
all the filled parts, including the staples if need be. 
Paint any other parts of your shutters, too, 
that need a touch-up while you’re at it.

You can see the cracked slat above. After glueing, priming and repainting, now you can’t even tell.

Another repair DONE!
Happy woodworking,
Barb 🙂
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