Bedskirt Musings ~ A Bedskirt Tutorial

My husband and I have had a queen bed

for more than 25 years.
But, finally, we had had enough!
Our mattress was shot…
It wiggled…
It jiggled…
It drove us crazy!!!
and we woke each other up with every movement.
Laying out the Battenburg lace seeing how it would look.
Loving it!
This past January we bought a lovely, new
dense foam 
California King mattress set.
A week later it was delivered and it is heavenly!
Most definitely ethereal!!!

Our 22-year-old daughter now has our cherry bed set,
and we’d like to get something to replace it.
In the mean time,
I was thinking what could I make for a bedskirt???

I ended up using three tablecloths that I had found 
on a couple of thriftshopping trips.
One was perfect! ~ thin, meant for a side table. 
It became the side pieces of the bedskirt when split in half lengthwise.
The second was exactly the width I needed for 
the across the front of the bedskirt.
It was a double bed sheet that I cut off 
the actual top piece
I reattached it at the bottom
but reversing the rest of the main sheet.

That kept original seams up at the top of the bed.

The leftover sheet became the part

between the mattresses!

You can see in the collage of photos above
that I folded the Battenburg lace edges 
over on a 45 degree angle
then I cut off what was needed.

***You’ll probably recognize the pieces as more of the Battenburg lace
used on the settee cover’s lace and ruching inserts.

I just lightly gathered each piece,
pinned them all on,
affixed the gathered triangles of lace,
sewed it up,
Sew simple!

All in all, I think it turned out pretty well!
Am loving it!!!
Yoda likes it, too.
(He stands up against it at night when asking for a “pick-up.”)

Happy Friday and happy sewing  to you!

Thank you for continuing to “Like” and “Share” and “Following” my blog! Having fun over here with it. Have a lovely weekend!!!
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