Come See Our New Garden Shed!

It’s finally here, friends!!! Our new garden shed has been installed and here’s how it was done…

Wolf Valley Buildings brought two sheds and it took about 1 1/2 hours to install ours. Because of the heavy rains last Friday, it couldn’t be brought out then. Where the shed is to be placed was a mudpit and it would have been too soggy to put the shed on that day. I was still waiting for the City to get our permit finished, too, so this all worked out.

Delivering on Tuesday of this week turned out to be a good thing as Mr. Ethereal and I spent the entire three days of our 4th of July weekend digging a 50+ foot ditch. Over the three days, we were digging down about 18″ – 24″ and cutting through a bunch of tree roots to put in a solid corrugated drain for water coming off our backyard roof. I’ll share that in another post, but for now here’s the end with the shed’s arrival!

The deliver man, Vernon, used this small fork lift to pull the shed most of the way off the flatbed trailer, then he placed those two wheels under the other end, under the two skids running the full length of the shed.

The shed was “pushed” up the small embankment from the alleyway with that small forklift and then was wheeled around into position. We had talked at length about whether we wanted the shed in line with the fence or did we want it parallel with the house (the garage and bedroom).

We went with having it parallel with the house. Vernon helped me measure from both sides of the shed face to the bedroom outer walls. 🙂

Vernon had his two sons with him and the boys were very sweet! The two quickly found our son’s old tricycle sitting out ~ a gift to our daughter, actually, when she was two years old from my parents.

Peter claimed it as his as he grew older and loved racing it around the yard, even as a teenager just riding the back supports and whirling around!

While Dad worked, the boys rode and enjoyed ices from our neighbor, who came out to watch the shed being put into place.

Here, our driver maneuvered the forklift through the gate my husband made two years ago when we first move in ~ our first project here at this home ~ redesigning where the gate and trash cans sat. Last year, when we were off for Easter break and then for the rest of the school year due to Covid, I built the trash can area.

Amazing that it fit through the gate, really! I loved watching the whole move-in process.

After a quick hour-plus, it was time to go deliver the next shed… I think it was about 4 o’clock when they drove off.

Yesterday was a day of rest and writing for the blog (Share Your Style #309, as you know). 😉

Another employee, Daniel, came out this afternoon (Thursday) and added the two attic vents and the tie-downs. On the inside, the vent is covered with bug screen ~ perfect! That saves us having to add it ourselves. 🙂

Part of the demands required by the City were these tie-downs in case of very high winds. Four 4′ long spikes were hammered into the ground and these tie-downs were screwed onto them with a winder and rachet.

I asked Daniel if he could leave the right rear one a little long, in case we need to budge the shed forward a few inches. Mr. E and I were looking at whether or not the fence will fit around that backside. It’s probably going to fit but just barely…

I think the left half will store all of the gardening things and the right half will be more storage. The other metal shed we are planning on keeping and using to hold the smelly items: the lawn mower, the rototiller and other items which need to be inside a metal building and not in a wooden structure.

And that is the story of our shed’s arrival and birthday! Now to fill it up… ;D I am excited for my she-shed (at least half of it!). 💜 

Enjoy your day,

Barb 🙂


Backyard Garden + Shed Plans…

We are coming into the home stretch with getting our Garden Shed and Fence plans approved, friends! This coming week I go in to visit with the City Planning Department and see if we can nail this thing down before summer break begins…

City Ordinances

Most of this spring, I have been sending emails back and forth about the fence and shed plans. Part of what the City needed to see was something I didn’t expect… Anyway, I will get to that in a minute, but here is a photograph of our Proposed Shed plan marked out and a 15′ line behind it (all in yellow measuring tapes).

Most of us know that in cities there are easements of land which we all take care of but we don’t actually “own.” We don’t pay taxes on that part in case the city decides to widen the roadway, dig up utility lines or put in water drainage systems underneath. For ours, that is a BIG 10′ section of land.

Whenever you wish to build or place a shed that is larger than 120 sq. ft., then a permit needs to be applied for and the city planners need to approve your plans. It’s all for safety reasons and in our case there have been concerned about wind ratings for the structure and its tie-downs since there can be Cat. 1 tornadoes and straight winds whipping through the area!

We just need 54″…

What I didn’t know is that the City also has a “No Build” area another 15′ from the property line… That’s 25′ from the main road that we aren’t supposed to build anything major on. To me, that is just silly and a waste of valuable property. I see sheds in homeowners’ sideyards all over the city so we are asking for a Variance.

In my many emails, I’ve found the City Codes for adding structures, and have addressed why we should be allowed to allowed to put the proposed shed here along the back fence but close to the side fence (which will be moving out 3′).

Our original proposal was to move the fence out five feet but the closest stake to the fence is 3′ away, hence we can only move the fence out three feet.

Here are the surveyor stakes laid out and you can see the narrowing which follows the curve of the main street, more or less. We have left all of the surveyor stakes until we begin putting in posts for the new fence.

Our Proposed Shed ~

Our Garden Shed will look very similar to this shed with the dormer windows but in a medium grey with white trim. I have gone back and forth between a white roof and charcoal. What do you think?

Here are a couple of other sheds Wolf Valley Buildings makes which have the charcoal roofs. Ours will be metal.

What we are having made is called a Cabin Shell, like the top photo. It will have upper storage inside and I am really excited about it! I’ll move the potting bench inside and we are planning on having electrical run to it. Wolf Valley is building it with electrical outlets, overhead ceiling boxes and an outside electrical box built with it.

Now if the City will approve our plans and allow us to put the shed where we would like it!

Can’t you just see the new shed down there? This would be one of the nice views towards it. It will angle towards the house and our dining room a little so it can be seen from the patio and dining room.

Be prepared to wait

When asking for a Variance, all paperwork has to go infront of the Planning Commission for approval and this can take some time. The paperwork on the city website says 1-2 months as the commission only meets once per month.

So when I go to meet with the Planning Technicians this week, I’ll be bringing all of the paperwork I have so far and hopefully they will use the emails I have forwarded with all of the photographs, so the Planning Commission will be able to see what we are trying to do. 🙂

Prayers are much appreciated,

Barb 🙂