A Thankful At Home Blog Party ~ Five Things for Which I am Thankful

Thankful at Home ~ this time of year
brings to mind for all of us 
a time to remember the many things
we are thankful for…

If you are visiting today 
from the 
Thankful At Home Blog Party ~ Welcome!
I’m glad you are here!

5 Things for Which I am Thankful:

   1. The gift of friendship 
We are leaving many friends behind as 
we move this week to Texas. 
For myself, I will be leaving behind friends I have made
working in the local school district these, and
friends I’ve made through being in the
Victorian Tea Society
here in Riverside County, California, and 
friends I have made like most of us through 
association with our children through school,
sports and all the things we do 
with and for our kids.

However, I’m happy for new friendships we will make
and I am sooo looking forward to this move!

2. The ability to do good work
I am thankful for the work I have just completed
here in our school district with disabled students these last 14 years.
Tough as it could be, I loved being in the school
I was in for eleven of those years.
These children are such a blessing!
So funny, warm~hearted, and truly a gift to their parents, 
to those of us who have the privilege of working with them 
in a school setting, and to their communities as others
get to know them.

Perhaps now I can just be a volunteer with
disabled students…

I am excited and grateful for my husband.
He has found a position that he will excel in and
he is excited and grateful for this opportunity.
I am happy about the work I’ll be doing and
seeing what’s coming
in our future!

3.  Beauty in Nature

A little preview of an upcoming post on creating a
beautiful table-setting ~ with my hubby in the background!
I thought it was funny that he was raking out the dirt
while I was shooting, so he gets to get in the photograph!
He’s a keeper!
This photograph also shows the gorgeous 
Tucalota hills around Lake Skinner.
On the other side of these hills is the 
Domenigoni Reservoir and Diamond Valley Lake,
another area for boating and fishing like Lake Skinner.
Part of the natural landscape was dammed
to create this reservoir which is equally used 
for recreation and as drinking water.

Texas as a state is pretty populated with people
but there is still land out there
with prairies and wide open spaces!
My inner need for peace, quiet and 
dark night skies for sleeping and to ability to see 
animals living in their natural habitats
is something I just. really. need.
It fuels my creativity and
brings me closer to God.

4. Prayer
The Scriptures tell us to pray without ceasing
and this means to continually pray
throughout your day.
God says we should pray for others, for their needs, and to
pray for the joys and rejoicings of our own hearts.
He doesn’t always give us
what we would like
but He will give us what we need.
Often, that is far better.

5.  Grace & Blessings
At this blessed time of
Jesus’ death on the cross is the Grace
{by taking our place and dying for our sins and giving us the gift of life instead
in return for just believing in Him}
and was something
our Puritan forefathers knew was what made
hope, life in the New World, and prosperity possible.
I truly do believe this.

Genesis 49: 25-26 says

25. Because of your father’s God, who helps you, because of the Almighty, who blesses you with blessingsof the skies above, blessings of the deep springs below, blessings of the breast and womb.  26. Your father’s blessings are greater than the blessings of the ancient mountains, than the bounty of the age-old hills. Let all these rest on the head of Joseph, on the brow of the prince among his brothers.
I hope that this time of year
is especially wonderful for you
and your family.

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if you’d like to
my little ramblings.

May the Lord richly bless you!
Barb 🙂

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A New Year ~ A New Home

The first cool Saturday morning we had in September, I set out to bake some of my banana chocolate chip muffins!

A new year for
French Ethereal~

Of course as you know we are no longer living in our
lovely home in the town of Murrieta, California…

Our new home is a travel trailer approximately 27′ in length
and about 8′ wide ~ one tenth the size (basically!)
of the home we just vacated as the sale 
 finally went through in August 2015.

Yoda enjoying one of his daily walks at beautiful Lake Skinner!  Yoda thinks all 14000 acres belong to him and her barks at
every new dog that comes out to camp.
{And also at the dogs who belong to other camp hosts who live here! Lol!}

Life full-time in a 27′ trailer has its challenges, cooking being one of them! The extra-large cutting board provides some
much needed counter space (of which in this trailer… There is NONE.)
We use the stove to dry dishes set into the stovetop’s wrought iron
grates propped up on their sides, and ALL dishes have to be washed after every meal.

We ended up moving our trailer several times already
for various reasons.
One of which is… We have become “camp hosts” which means we are here to help folks who are camping
if they have a need or there is a problem
after hours.

So far, so good!

Lovely little flower blooming in the wild grasses surrounding the campgrounds.

Where one door closes… God opens another ~
I spent a lot of this year really stressed knowing that we would have to leave our home of 12 1/2 years.
We put EVERYTHING and I do mean everything
into two 10′ x 25′ storage units.

There were many tears, fits of anger, depression,

the works…

we are on the other side now and I think God was
very loving, very gracious and very sure that He knew 
we would love being here in a beautiful area with
many species of birds,
raccoons, skunks, mule deer, 
bobcat, and coyotes
(Yoda loves sniffing for all of the new animals!).

I’ll share the photos of the inside of our home

in another post soon,
but for now this will be all.

I’ll share some of the craziness of trying to make

good meals
while having to pull up every seat cushion
to get at the right pots and pans!
But, truly, this is a lovely place to be
and since 
French Ethereal rolls with the punches,
and I was once called

French Ethereal 
will be evolving with the changes…

Just a quick post on this Tuesday evening

to let you know I miss visiting with you
I will be trying to post more
and share 
The New French Ethereal!!!

Blessings to you, always,