Introducing Little Milo!!!

Introducing Milo DonovanChapman, our first grandson, who was born a week ago Monday. He is 20″ tall and weighed a good 7 lbs. 3 oz. then. Justine and Peter are very happy parents, although quite tired, as we all remember those days! They are having fun beginning this new journey adjusting to having a baby at home, and their two dogs are getting to know little Milo, too. Peter keeps posting pics every few days, which keeps this grandma very happy!

It wasn’t that long ago that they were announcing their pregnancy and this coming summer marks just four quick years since their 2016 wedding.

Then two years ago they drove down to visit us at the trailer…

We flew up to visit them later that fall and I shared a post about visiting an apple orchard and their fun transitional style!

Now we get to enjoy this little guy as he learns about his world!
Although Gramma and Grampa Ethereal can’t drive up and visit yet, we get to enjoy little Milo via FaceTime and a photograph here and there. 

Gramma’s little family screenshot…

Love this little guy so much already! I am grateful they all are healthy and that Justine was allowed to have Peter there with her as Milo was born.

Bandit checking out his new playmate and less furry brother. 

Funny story ~ Peter was born when our Golden Retriever Skeeter was four years old and as Peter grew he learned about playing fetch with his Golden buddy. Peter’s first words weren’t the usual Mama or Dada, they were Dog and Ball. I wonder what Milo’s will be??

My favorite picture so far!
Welcome Sweet One!
Gramma C.

*If you haven’t seen Milo’s little Sloth Quilt you can find out how to make one for your little ones here. Thanks for stopping by! 💖


Make It ~ A Little Quilt for Baby

As you may know our first grandchild, a little boy called “Baby C” right now, is due here this spring in early April. For Peter and Justine’s baby shower, I thought about my “go-to” baby project  ~ an adorable, soft and cuddly baby quilt!

Whenever I hear of a friend or family member who is having a baby shower, I like to make a baby quilt for the family’s coming bundle of joy. So today I am sharing how to make a double-sided baby quilt using two fleece fabrics…

Supplies needed to sew a baby quilt

  • (2) 1 1/4 yards of coordinating fleece fabrics or make your quilt with (1) fleece and (1) cotton fabric of choice. Can make the quilt longer, too, if so desired.
  • one spool of sewing thread to match quilt’s main color
  • 1 1/4 yards thin polyester baby batting for warmth inside the quilt
  • embroidery floss to coordinate with the quilt for ties
  • hand-sewing needle with a large eye
  • sewing machine

How to sew your quilt

  • Begin with washing, drying and ironing both fabrics. 
  • Measure across the two selvages of each fabric to get the final width.
  • Cut the length to match the quilt width if you would like a square baby quilt. 
  • Cut the batting to the same size as the length.

  • Sew batting (basting stitch) to the wrong side of one of the outer fabrics.

  • Next, place the right sides of the outer fabrics together, pin.
  • Sew from the middle of the top to each outer edge ~ this creates a better pull and less movement of the top piece.
  • Sew both sides downward towards bottom of quilt.

  • Sew bottom of quilt. Leave an opening wide enough near the middle of the quilt bottom for turning.

  • Turn quilt and using a pencil eraser, push out each of the four corners. 

  • Press quilt with a warm iron and press under the remaining fabric of the opening.
  • Hand-stitch the opening closed.

Adding the ties

  • Pick out a pretty embroidery floss to use as your ties. Thread the needle with about 36″ of floss.

  • Look at your quilt and decide how many ties you would like going across and down the quilt. This can be done by either eyeballing or by taking the quilt’s measurements and dividing by the number of ties across you’d like. This will give you approximately how many inches you need to mark across and down for tie placement.

  • Mark tie placement with quilter’s pins or with sewing chalk.
  • Push the threaded needle through the fabrics from front to back, then back up to the front with a small gap between both lengths of floss.

  • Tie each tie several times so the baby won’t be able to undo them.
  • Cut off each tie with just a 1/4″ of floss left. This fluffs really prettily in the washer and is not long enough to choke a baby.

This is pretty much all there is to making a soft fleecy baby quilt!
I made this kind of quilt for my own children when they were infants and later I made each a tooth fairy pillow to go with their quilts. I’ll show you how to make one of those in another post…

I think “Baby C” will love it!!! Hope you will sew one
for your upcoming baby soon!

Happy sewing!