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Share Your Style #390

Hello, dear friends! Welcome back to Share Your Style #390!! My cataract eye surgery went well and I am a week out now. I went to the 2nd post-op yesterday and the right eye is doing well. The incision is healed and I am seeing very well already.

As you may know, I chose to go with multi-focal lenses, and even with the quirky “seeing the lens rings” around halogen lights, the rest of the vision is so exceptional, it’s fine. What I mean is that the eye actually “sees” a reflection of the lens’ circular configuration. I also see light refracting off the lens when light comes in sideways. You get used to it. So, if you are looking to have cataract surgery soon, I highly recommend the multi-focal lenses for vision like you had as a kid! It’s worth the extra money… 🙂

I see only one moon again and stars look normal ~ no more long tails and starbursts around them! Yeah!!! Driving at night is great and now I don’t have to wear glasses. There is a bit of scarring on my left eye, the first eye done, so that will be lasered off at the end of June.

***This is the Mayor of Paris’ office building ~ part of last year’s wonderful trip to France with my daughter. 🙂

Well, I literally took two full weeks off from all blogging, so no posts this week for me. Instead, you get a little insight as to WHY I haven’t blogged much this year. My biggest news is that my husband will be moving to a new position with a new company after the July 4th holiday.

We have known since two weeks before Christmas (really great timing!) that the entire division of 90 people would be “softly laid off.” The company is moving the Reverse Logistics group from Texas to California (go figure!). Hubby doesn’t want to move back, nor could we afford it anymore (we weren’t doing well financially there, as it was anyway). On Zillow, our first and second homes show at $513,000 and $620,000, respectively. (Now if we could have sold at either of those prices…)

A bit devastating to me, since the last time Hubby was out of work, he was out of his usual work for two full years. He continued coaching pole vault and the final year he also was the head coach at our grown children’s high school. We had to sell our second home, but as it turned out living at Lake Skinner for a year as a camp host turned out to be a wonderful way to slowly say goodbye to our “hometown” of Murrieta, California. This linked post shares some of that last home and a little of Riverside County Parks – Lake Skinner, Winchester, California.

So it is definitely a huge God thing, a wonderful blessing!, that we won’t have to sell another home under duress. (We have only been here in Texas 6 1/2 years!) Hubby will get to use his coaching talents in a new way. This was something one of the interviewers was interested in as Mr. Ethereal coached for eight years while working his other jobs as well.

So, happily, I can truly relax this summer, and get back to wandering about, photographing life, and to blogging… Posts coming soon! 🙂

Let’s get to your wonderful posts!!


And here are this week’s featured posts…


First up this week we have Debbee of Debbee’s Buzz who shared a trip worthy of a lifetime ~ a visit to Sequoia National Park: Land of [America’s] Giants. Do check out her post! The trees are MASSIVE! <3

(*America added for our overseas friends!*)

It has been a few weeks now since Mother’s Day… I know you will tear up as you read this lovely post from Sujatha from Crystal Grandeur who reminisces about her mother ~ so heartfelt! Please enjoy this lovely table from her home in India ~ Mother’s Day Table with Lotus Flowers.
Published on Mother’s Day, this lovely tribute to the beauty of birds by Debra from Common Ground strikes a soft spot in my heart ~ Cottage Review: Vintage Birds. Lovely!
Recent newcomer Sandi from Old New Green Redo brings us this fun gardening post aptly named Midwest Gardening 2023: Way Back When ~ Ivy Tomato Cage Topiary. (I had a couple, too! Ivy grows great on them. 😉 )

Enchilada Casserole - Enchilada Cazuela / www.delightfulrepast.com
Longtime friend Jean from Delightful Repast shares her recipe for this mouthwatering dish ~ Enchilada Cazuela. Yes!!! Dinner tomorrow… :)’
Coco from The Crowned Goat brings us this easy peasy craft idea ~ How to Whitewash Terra Cotta Pots with Chalk Paint. Perfect for summer decorating, friends!
Tips and Tricks for Elevating Your Morning Routine-The Crowned Goat

For a double-header this week, CoCo also brings us this perfect-way-to-relax post ~ Simple Ways to Elevate Your Morning, part of her Celebrating Life series.

Wildflowers in a field
Last up this week we have DIY Wildflower Floral Arrangements ~ No Florist Needed by Wendy at WM Design House. Yes and yes!!!

Honorable Mention

Longtime blogger Amber from The Hungry Mountaineer shared this fun post about Bohemian Fashion Treasure-Hunting via Yucca Valley Thrifting. Love thrift shops!!! You get the best things there!!!

***Sorry this wouldn’t post up! The photos are fun and Yucca Valley is beautiful and warm during the day in January/February for camping/hiking. If you get the chance to visit, please enjoy!

Thank You so much to everyone who linked up this past week. A special thank you to everyone for always promoting Share Your Style on your blog and on your social media channels! I do see it when I stop by and I appreciate the love. 💜

If you’d like to follow my Share Your Style board on Pinterest I’d appreciate it, thank you! I do post all of the featured posts from each week’s SYS there plus usually other photos from those posts to my boards. 💜  Thanks so much!!! If you are new to French Ethereal, I hope you will think about subscribing to my blog.

I had no idea how emotional I was going to get writing this SYS post for you today… I have said to Charles several times that I just couldn’t go through losing another home… I loved the four years we lived in our two RV’s, but the walls are very thin and RV’s move in the wind and storms. There is something about a solid house which I personally need. It’s a deep longing and may have a lot to do with being a military child and living in 42 different homes over the years. Funny how this didn’t hit me until I was long grown!

It has taken a while but I have fallen in love with our little brick home, our manor house. <3

Thanks again, friends, for hanging in there with me! I truly appreciate your friendship and I do hope we can meet in person one day…

Love and hugs,

Barb 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Share Your Style #390”

  1. Thanks for hosting! I’d love to have you come link up on Crafty Creators (Thurs-Mon)! Link parties are welcome. So glad that your husband was able to find another job, & you don’t have to go back to CA! I’m sure life is so much less expensive & stressful in TX!
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

    1. It is, Niky! Especially when we first got here. Gas was literally $1.10 a gallon. The last time I’d seen those prices, it was when we first moved to Southern California in 1988… Now we are around $3.00+/- , depending upon what’s up with our lovely government. I still miss the weather and lack of bugs but I am loving the people, new friendships and work life. Better overall and way less traffic, lol! 😉 I will come link up right now. Thank you!!! 💕🥰

  2. Thank you so much for hosting, I have added the link to my posts and shared #4 & 5. I will return to come and check out others once we have more entries added.

  3. Barb, so glad your surgery is going well, and that you’re seeing like a kid again!!! Also what a blessing God is giving you all with your husband’s job situation. Thanks so much for sharing my bird vignette this week. How wonderful that you’ve got time now to “enjoy” life. Happy week!

  4. Well, first of all, three cheers on your successful surgery! I know I’m due in a year or so. I don’t really feel I need it but many tell me they thought the same thing — and saw a huge difference!

    And congratulations on your husband’s new position. I’m so happy you don’t have to move again — to California or anywhere else. YAY!

  5. So glad to have you back Barb and to hear the surgery was successful! Also congrats on the less stressful living situation. It’s so important! Thanks for hosting friend! XO- MaryJo

  6. Barb, I’m so glad you have resolution to your needs. Thus had to b an extremely stressful time for you, especially given what you can now see as childhood trauma from all the military moves. Sending you big hugs for a calm and enjoyable summer. ❤️

    1. I appreciate your sweet thoughts, Rita! It’s funny, I always loved moving and meeting new friends! But once we had roots in Murrieta, I didn’t realize how much I needed “home.” Most of our previous homes had been torn down on military bases. A family home burned after we had moved. I saw a family counselor for a short time and she was surprised that I didn’t have any trauma, but having to sell the last house brought it out. It’s nice to be settled again!

  7. Barb,
    Glad to hear that your surgery went well and that you do not have to move…what a relief that must be for you!!
    Thanks again for hosting this charming party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! I hope you have a great week!

  8. I’m so glad your surgery was a success, and I’m happy for you that you get to stay where you are living! Wow, you have moved a LOT in your life. I understand how grateful you must be not to have to move again. Thanks so much for hosting the party. Hope your summer is wonderful.

    1. Thanks, Pam! I’m happy to not worry about having to move again, too. Thank you for your kind thoughts! Glad you’ve hopped over for the party. 💕

  9. So glad to hear you’re recovering well from cataract surgery, Barb, and that you’ll get to enjoy living in Texas a bit longer too. I grew up in a military family and oh my word moving is no joke! Hope you’re summer is peace filled and relaxing and thank you so much for featuring my posts. I really appreciate it! Hugs, CoCo

  10. Barb, sooo happy to hear your second surgery went well and your vision is much better! Relieved to hear hubby’s work situation has worked out so you can stay in your lovely Texas home too. Really appreciate you featuring our trip to CA national parks — thanks! Today I posted another amazing vacation on a Galapagos cruise and being up close to many of God’s incredible creatures. It was wondrous!

    1. My favorite thing to do is go on vacation somewhere, anywhere! We are heading up to see our son and his family late this week. Very glad to be able to take a vacation! Happy to have featured yours! Enjoy your Sunday!!! 🌸

  11. Barb, thanks so much for featuring my Enchilada Cazuela! I’ve gotten way behind on keeping up with all my favorite blogs and am just now catching up. I was so sorry to read about Yoda. How smart you were to write as much as possible in advance.

    1. Thank you, Jean! I miss him… 🐾 I go through times where I am really good at reading and visiting everyone’s blogs and other times not so much. Glad you enjoyed the feature. 🐶💕

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