Valentine Beauty in the Hutch

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear friends! Today I thought I’d share our hutch all decorated for the holiday…💜

Going for Beauty

Decorating the hutch for Valentine’s Day this year, I looked for things in my stash which felt beautiful and ethereal. This small Japanese screen was something I had bought while in high school (for a dollhouse my father found for me) or it was a gift from my father brought back from one of his military TDY trips to Taiwan when I was a girl. I honestly forget now!

However it came into my stash, it was perfect for pairing with the French sweethearts in this cubby. Adding a handmade Valentine napkin and a vintage Limoges dessert plate finished this little vignette.

I love dollhouses and though I don’t have one right now, it’s fun to decorate small areas as if they are dollhouse rooms. 🙂

Originally, I had the hutch all decorated with winter plates and vintage Valentine cards, but I cannibalized the Valentines for the Valentine cloche I put together last week. Then, too, I decided to paint the dining room a couple of weeks ago following painting the laundry room.

So this sweet bird pair is my only Valentine in the whole redecorated hutch. I love these love birds in their rosy “birdhouse!!”

For the right side of the hutch’s lower shelf, I placed a 1990’s praying ceramic Cupid, a favorite teacup and saucer, one my size and one for little Cupid. This Villeroy & Boch Botanica coffee pot takes the place of a teapot here.

Teatime anyone?

Down on the buffet, I thought I’d set up a tea tray…

Pulling out one of my grandmother Rosa’s tatted antimacassars from the linen closet brightens the bottom of this tarnished silver tray.

A second smaller silver plate tray works great for raising the teapot.

Several of these antimacassars feature little boys on them and I wonder if Gramma Rosa didn’t think of my father as she created these!

This Royal Doulton chintz teapot, creamer and sugar are favorites of mine and pair well with the Old Country Roses china I have.

And here is the completed hutch! Dried hydrangeas nestle in the upper shelf with two teapots and a floral pitcher holding up a trio of vintage rose-strewn dinner plates. Just a nice soft look for Valentine’s Day…

Here you can see how the dining room walls are coming along. This is the only finished wall, so since the wall adjacent is still taped off, this photo is a little pinched in. 😉

I did ask y’all through my Instagram if I should go with either of two darker colors on the lower part below the chair rail. In the end, after looking through all of my Versailles travel photographs, I decided to just go with my original plan.

That plan was to paint the main wall in Comet Dust and off-the-shelf white. The lower wall naturally looks darker, which is pretty cool. 🙂

And that’s our Valentine’s hutch!

I think this will be a nice transition into spring and I might add in some greens for March but otherwise it is done for now. 💜

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I hope you have a wonderful, treat-filled Valentine’s week! Enjoy!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all!

Barb 💜

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    1. Thank you, Debra! I collected a few back in the 1990’s when I was in a tea society group. I think I have 15?? Enough that they don’t all fit inside all at the same time, lol! ☕️🫖 Happy belated Valentine’s Day to you, Debra!! ♥️☃️

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