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My French Sweethearts Thriftshop Find…

This past Friday I went out for the first time in a month to test the limits of what I can do before wearing out since coming down with the virus. While I was out, I decided to stop by my favorite North Texas thriftshop ~ Twice as Nice! I found two beautiful pieces on this trip so today I thought I’d share this gorgeous French couple sitting down for a little tΓͺte-a-tΓͺte…

I was soooo excited after walking through all the clothing racks and checking out the craft supply area to turn into the kitchen accessories and housewares area and find this diamond…

As a “senior” I didn’t even pay the $5.00 shown on the tag! Out the door, this gem of a porcelain figurine was $4.11… It is in nearly perfect condition. While waiting in checkout line, I inspected the man and the woman’s fingers and toes and they are all perfect. The noses are perfect and really, if there is anything wrong, it would be where this piece may have been glued down to a shelf or something underneath. You can just see on each leg along the feet some brown stuff.

I haven’t tried to scrub off any of it yet, haven’t even cleaned it!, I just came home giddy to photograph it to share with you…

I am super excited to find out what company made this piece and how old it may be! You can see the firing number here on the bottom but otherwise I didn’t find any other maker’s marks.

Here I’ve grouped this couple with the Taiwanese Federal style man and woman which were my husbands (of course still his, but also mine! πŸ˜‰ ) before we married. I thought how fun it’d be to bring them all together as a family!

One vignette leads to another…

Here I pulled out the French soup plate found at a thriftshop several years ago now. I thought it gave a nice wallpaper effect. Then I added in a black spaniel I found while thrifting with my sister-in-law in England in 2005. I paid Ł1.00 for him. πŸ™‚

The styles of dress are similar but I have noticed that the new porcelain couple are maybe bone china?? They have a hollow sound that the other couple does not have. I love them all and am completely happy to add them to my small collection of figurines!!!

Time for tea, anyone???

I love how delicate this Parisian couple looks! Their clothing has a lovely late 1700’s look to it. Soft peach and lavender with gold and floral highlights add to the beauty of this little $4.00 find…

What lovelies have you found lately??

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