Let Them Eat Cake! ~ Or How To Make a Faux Flower Cake from Scratch

Here’s a fun project to make using leftover florals you may have in your craft stash! For an upcoming blog hop, I needed a “cake” to finish off the look I was creating with some glass cake domes… Then I thought of this unfinished 3/4 “cake” that has been in my Craft Room for quite some time…

Looks a bit like PacMan… ;)’

Craft items you will need:

  • (3) 1″ tall round foam “cakes”
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • kitchen bread knife to cut out “cake piece”
  • various leftover faux flower heads and greenery
  • anything else you want to use to decorate your cake!

This is a perfect craft to do while watching t.v.! An ironing board makes a perfect table as it can raise up or down as needed.

How to make your Flower Cake:

Begin with hot glueing the three foam cakes together, let cool. Using a bread knife, cut out a “piece” of cake; this can be decorated to go together, too!

Using leftover sheet moss, cut strips to create the “cake” portions of your decorated Flower Cake.

Watch for burnt fingers… This is the sticky, messy bit but it’s worth the effort!

Hot glue those over the exterior seams of the glued cake hiding the cake seams (or wherever you’d like to place them, of course). Can also use different florals for a whole different effect.

This is a perfect project to get creative with!

Pull off flower heads as needed and begin hot glueing those onto the cake as “frosting.”

The pretty part!!!

Keep adding whatever flower heads you’d like to your Flower Cake ~ you could make a whole series of cake pieces using different florals!

Kinda like those really tall rainbow cakes which are popular for children’s parties. (You’ll need more “cake stacks” to make one of those!) Older children can make these cakes or even smaller pre-cut “cupcakes” at birthday parties as a fun craft during their birthday party. Flower Cupcakes would be fun take-home gifts for each guest!

*** Children as young as 5 years could do this with a parent’s help, keeping a bowl of cold water nearby for sticky glue on fingers. We did this at school this year for a Christmas project and the students enjoyed using hot glue and very good (and fast!) about using the cold water.

Decorate the inside of your cake similarly to the outside ~ I used more sheet moss here to look more like a real “cake” and put small white Queen Anne’s Lace flowerheads in between for the frosting. :)’

If you run out of small white florals like me, don’t fret. Finish after your next trip to the craft store! No worries…

Add on any pretty leaves and flower heads to the top and your Flower Cake is done!!!

Bon appetit, mes amis!

Barb 🙂

5 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Cake! ~ Or How To Make a Faux Flower Cake from Scratch”

  1. Barb,
    Love this idea!! So cute!! Kristie ended her Little Cottage Link Party and Bev and Marilyn ended their Over the Moon Linky party last week….I understand how much work it is to host one so i do appreciate that you continue to host yours… I think it is a way to see what other Bloggers are doing and to meet new ones so please continue the good work!! Thanks so much for topping by!!

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