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We have  been in need of a few things in our Prairie Home since hitting the road two years ago, and… While out hitting up my favorite thrift shops this past week, I happened upon this lovely French-style picture frame and knew that with it’s lovely gilding and Old World patina it would be the perfect piece to use in creating a small chalk message board….

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After purchasing  the frame and the print which was inside it I took a trip to Lowe’s and bought a 2′ x 2′ luan board to use to create the chalkboard itself.  If you’ve never used luan, it’s a very thin birch bark plywood (about 1/4″ thick) good for backing frames, hutches, cabinets and bookcases and often with two good sides for staining or painting.  I compared it to a nice slightly thicker plywood ( about $14.00) and decided for the cost it was the better option.

How to Make Your Chalk Board

After taking off the paper backing and using the “appropriate tool” to do so {don’t tell my hubby… I used my car key to cut through the paper back}, take the
original backing piece into your local hardware store and ask one of the staff to cut an identical piece for you as needed.  The big box stores often will do this either for a nominal fee per cut or sometimes for free.
Cut your board so that the grain of the wood runs vertically so it will also sit vertically when it is in your frame.  Sand the edges smooth to remove any loose burrs and to fit inside your frame as needed.

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I didn’t get a good picture of me painting the board but it’s pretty self-explanatory.  🙂

Use your favorite chalk paint in black or whatever color you’d like to create your new chalkboard ~ paint on a couple of coats for durability.  Paint with the grain of wood to give it a finished look.  Let dry between each coat of paint then let the board dry overnight before inserting into the frame.

Yoda added his four feet’s worth and got the first message on the board!  Lol!!!
Funny story… I went outside to talk with the new neighbors who were just moving in and when I came back a bit later… I found these little footprints all over the chalkboard!  Silly Yoda had hopped up to look out the front window to see who I was talking with.  ;0)’

To prep your chalkboard just take a piece of chalk and rub it sideways all over the paint then wipe it off.  Flip your board over and insert it into the frame bending up any picture points or staples to get it to fit.  Do any extra sanding that might be needed here and there to make your piece fit ~ I had to do that in a couple of spots.
Sometimes turning the board around 180 degrees gets it to pop in, too.  

I am loving the way this message board has turned out! 
Bend the points back down to secure the luan board inside the frame and your chalkboard is done!  Wipe off your frame then write a fun message and your chalkboard is ready to prop or hang.

My little window decorated for fall ~ changing just a little as I add some candles and this new board.  🙂
You might enjoy checking out this bigger message board I created a few years ago for my craft room using a recycled broken chalk board, a mini white board and some hardware cloth, which is like small chicken wire for rabbit pens.  Both were fun to make and very useful.  I hope this has inspired you to create one {or two!} for your own home.

Here’s another photo you might like to share.
I appreciate it, thank you! 

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