Summer Evening Light and Summer Thoughts

Evening light  in the summertime is some of the
prettiest light ever, in my humble opinion.
Falling gently on everything it touches  this light creates
shadows and highlights perfect for photographing and
especially here for showing off these florals
at their best…

On Instagram  last week I shared a couple of
these photos then I thought I’d share a little more here
with you.

I’m feeling a bit run down this week with a cold so I apologize
for not writing much since the one post mid-week last week.
We were invited by Mr. Ethereal’s work to a minor league
baseball game last Friday night and enjoyed the park and a
mini getaway overnight down to Frisco, Texas.
 It’s fun to take a little getaway and I didn’t take the big camera
with me or my computer ~ just decided to actually put work on hold and rest a bit. 

Exciting news:  we have started looking at houses.
The market in this Dallas area is really hot so houses are
basically sold as soon as they hit the market ~ not good for
this California kid who likes to take her time browsing.
But, it’s a beginning and we are enjoying the process.
I found one I really liked online which had a separate
garage and a large workshop shed but by the time we
went to visit it it was already under contract.
It was on the market three days…

So that’s  what I’ve been doing while away from writing!
And still cleaning.
We are “ate up with chiggers” as they say here in Texas.
Really tiny ones though which for some reason seem
to love chewing on me.
They don’t bother Mr. Ethereal or he just doesn’t feel them.
Bombing once a month helps with carpet cleaning in between
and daily vacuuming but I am about at my wit’s end!

I’ve washed and rewashed surfaces, cupboards inside and out
but nothing is eliminating these pests.
Not good for photography and writing a decorating blog… Lol!
So moving out of this buggy area and/or this trailer
is a must and soon.
We have looked at another RV park over near where
Hubby’s work will be moving next winter but weren’t
sure we wanted to go that route just yet.

Really, I’m just ready for that next house.

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 How is your summer going?

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  1. The photos you have taken are beautiful. I understand your absence, because every person must have a relax. I hope your summer is going well and don't get sick.

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